Tips for Selecting the Ideal Hawaii Wedding Package

June 17, 2015 by

hawaii wedding package

The Hawaii weddings industry is one that offers plenty of choices for couples who dream of getting married in our beautiful state! A wedding is a very special affair, something you hopefully do only once in your life. However, many young couples are worried they cannot afford the wedding of their dreams. The fact is, because it is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion, you should make it as special and memorable as possible.

At Hawaii Weddings, we offer a wide array of wedding packages from simple to extravagant. Here are a few tips for choosing the one that is right for you – and keep in mind, you also have the choice of customizing your dream wedding!

Cost. Some packages cost far less than others, however the lower the cost, the fewer the amenities and services. If all you want is a simple ceremony in which the two of you say “I do,” a basic Hawaii wedding package may be perfect. However, keep in mind this is something you plan to do only once, so you want to make sure the package you purchase leaves you stress-free and anticipating the most exciting, memorable day of your life. It may cost a bit more, but it’s your wedding – and isn’t it worth it?

Location. Where you choose to “tie the knot” is key; it sets the mood for your entire wedding. Every location offers a unique experience, and Hawaii unquestionably has some of the most exquisite locations for couples with a vision that runs outside of the traditional wedding. When you choose one of our wedding packages, you are also choosing experts with enormous experience in the industry – and who live and breathe Hawaii. Some of our settings include:

  • Angels Bay Beach (Waimanalo Beach) named Best Beach in the U.S. for 2015
  • Pukalani Falls Garden – a true storybook wedding location with koi ponds, tropical botanicals, and a private garden surrounded by waterfalls
  • Queen Emma Summer Palace – a charming estate surrounded by lush greenery, tropical gardens, and featuring an outdoor wedding terrace
  • Pirate’s Cove on Oahu’s North Shore, ideal for an intimate sunset wedding
  • Sunset Cruise Wedding upon a sailboat, departing from Honolulu’s Sand Island

Photography. Certainly your cousin Billy could come along to take photos with his digital camera, but who better to capture the moment than professional photographers who are experts in capturing the true essence of the moment, the water, beaches, tropical gardens, waterfalls, and more? When a professional handles the photography at your wedding, a picture truly is worth a thousand words.

At Hawaii Weddings, our wedding packages can be customized with any of the services and amenities offered a’la carte. Choose the package right for you, but also keep in mind this is a one-time event, one you’ll want to make as special and precious as possible!

Tips for a Waimanalo Angels Bay Beach Wedding in Hawaii

June 11, 2015 by

angels bay beach wedding

At Hawaii Weddings, we know that beach weddings are drastically different from traditional church weddings. Most couples who desire a beach wedding at Angels Bay (also know as Waimanalo Beach) are looking for a more casual setting, one that’s relaxing and filled with the pleasures only the beach has to offer, such as brilliant turquoise water, magnificent sunsets, and a relaxing environment only Mother Nature can provide.

When it comes to weddings on one of the many beaches of Hawaii, few compare to the classic beauty of Angels Bay in terms of intimacy and beauty. As one of the most trusted destination wedding providers, we thought we would share a few tips to help make your beach wedding a huge success, both for you and your guests!

First of all, prepare your guests. Most who attend traditional weddings are used to an indoor environment, much different than an outdoor beach wedding. You may want to provide your guests with flip-flops or other footwear appropriate for the beach, or tell them to bring some sandals along. A soft-bristled paint brush is the perfect way for guests to remove excess sand from their feet/sandals.

Sunglasses, visors, and hats are a must when having an Angels Bay beach wedding. You don’t want your guests (or yourself) to end up with red, squinty, irritated eyes, so be sure to bring the sunglasses or hats along!

Be prepared for whatever the weather may bring. Whether it gets windy or a shower pops up unexpectedly, it’s good for guests to be prepared. Depending on the time of year, remind your guests to bring along a wrap or shawl; if your wedding will be during summer months, provide plenty of cold drinks and paper fans. In addition, be sure to have a back-up plan should it rain, such as an indoor shelter or large tent.

If you intend to have a large wedding, provide seating. If yours will be a more intimate affair with just a few guests, they can gather around you and your spouse-to-be for the brief ceremony. We are happy to provide linen covered chairs with a colored bow sash for an additional cost.

Angels Bay is such a picturesque setting there’s really no need for decor, but if you prefer a focal point, consider a bamboo wedding arch. Considering the beauty of the ocean, mountains, ironwood forest and offshore islands surrounding you, what is there to add that could make your wedding any more spectacular?

Additionally, if you intend to spend your honeymoon on Waimanalo Beach or if some of your guests want to enjoy a short vacation following your wedding, there are several vacation rentals along the beach from romantic cottages nestled in the lush tropical garden to beach homes with oceanfront decks.

Ultimately, give every detail of your wedding considerable thought, and search online for more tips to help ensure you and your guests enjoy a magnificent getaway when you choose an Angels Bay beach wedding in Hawaii.

Planning a Hawaii Destination Wedding in Maui? Things to Do

June 2, 2015 by

hawaii destination wedding

Planning a Hawaii destination wedding on the beautiful island of Maui? Voted as “best island” by many who have visited, Maui is well-known for its diverse geography, outdoor activities, beach resorts, waterfalls, and of course Maui’s highest peak, Mt. Haleakala.

At Hawaii Weddings, we know that most couples who are planning to marry in Maui plan to stay for a few days or even longer. Maybe you intend to spend your entire honeymoon on the island, enjoying the breathtaking landscapes, beaches, food, culture, and more. If you’re curious about what all there is to do while in Maui, we have a few ideas we think you (and perhaps your guests, if they intend to make a vacation out of their visit) will thoroughly enjoy.

Enjoy a botanical paradise. No matter what road you take, you’re bound to enjoy hibiscus and multi-colored bougainvilleas in nearly everyone’s garden! There are also several guided or self-guided tours you can enjoy at one of our botanical gardens.

If you and your significant other are adventurous, you may enjoy sailing, snorkeling, or scuba diving. A sunset cruise is glorious and relaxing; if you’re a bit more adventurous, you may enjoy a speedy catamaran cruise. Scuba diving or snorkeling is a great way to experience all the sea has to offer – it’s an entirely different world below the beautiful ocean water’s surface.

Satisfy your taste buds with one (or several) of Maui’s distinguished restaurants. Whether you’re a sushi or seafood fanatic, or enjoy Vietnamese, Italian, Mexican, Thai, or Caribbean fare, South and West Maui is where you will find every type of restaurant from casual and informal to swanky.

Enjoy the beach. Of course, if you’re planning a Maui beach wedding, you’ll love the open air, sand, and spectacular sunrises and sunsets. Maui offers more than 120 miles of coastline and over 80 beaches, bringing sand in more colors than you ever knew existed including shimmering white, gold, green, red, even black. Whether you love to surf, snorkel, or just lounge on the beach, this is one of the primary reasons so many couples choose a destination wedding in Hawaii!

Enjoy a zipline tour. If you’re the adventurous type who enjoys a fun challenge that really gets your adrenalin pumping and allows you to experience the breathtaking landscape from above, consider a zipline tour!

In Maui, there are countless ways to spend your time; in fact, you and your partner will find that when you choose a Maui wedding, you’ll run out of time to experience it all! At Hawaii Weddings, we can make at least one part of your trip easy and stress-free – your wedding day. Choose from one of our many wedding packages, and thoroughly enjoy your time on the island.

Hawaii Your Dream Destination Wedding? Budgeting Tips

May 22, 2015 by

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Most couples who choose a Hawaii destination wedding don’t have money to burn. At Hawaii Weddings, we realize it is the dream of many couples to “tie the knot” in Oahu, Maui, or other beautiful Hawaii locations. As wedding planners offering a wide array of packages to suit any budget, we admit we aren’t financial experts – but we do want to help you experience the wedding you’ve always dreamed of, without facing financial issues because of the wedding location you chose. Here are a few tips we hope will help you enjoy the most special day of your life, without budget issues.

Discuss budget and financial matters. Many couples live “in the moment,” thinking they’ll worry about finances after they’re married. While it may be a little uncomfortable, talk about your finances and budget plans now. Money problems are the root of many divorces, and you want to begin your life together on solid ground! By talking about money now, you can avoid awkward discussions after you become Mr. & Mrs.

Be prepared. Build an emergency fund for unexpected situations such as a medical emergency, loss of a job, or even purchasing a new refrigerator should yours need replacing. By putting away three to six months’ worth of your total monthly living expenses, your bank account won’t take a huge hit should anything unexpected arise.

Separate or joint bank account? Why not both? You can combine all of your money as many couples do, choose to maintain separate bank accounts, or a mixture of both – whatever suits you, as a couple, best. You have the option of sharing all of the expenses equally, or one spouse paying specific bills, while the other pays for other bills. Another option is to combine your finances, but determine a certain amount each spouse has each month to spend as he/she wants.

Plan ahead. Sure, getting married in Hawaii is the most exciting time of your life, a celebration you’ll remember forever and cherish. Still, it’s important to plan for the future if you intend to go to college, take a trip abroad, or even purchase a home. While you may not intend to do anything that involves a substantial amount of money in the immediate future, planning for two years or even five years down the road can help you avoid financial – and marital – issues.

At Hawaii Weddings, we want your day to be as romantic, fun, and exciting as you have always envisioned – but we also want your union to last throughout the rest of your lives. If you’re planning an Oahu or Maui destination wedding, we provide a wide variety of packages and amenities customized to your unique needs, regardless of your budget.

Destination Weddings in Hawaii Bring Guests Together

May 16, 2015 by

destination wedding in hawaii

At Hawaii Weddings, we know that many couples who choose the islands as their wedding destination invite family and friends who may have met a time or two, or who may not have met at all. How can you bring your guests closer together in a way that is fun and unique? As providers of beautiful, memorable, and romantic beach and waterfall weddings, we have a few ideas we believe you will find helpful!

Consider hosting a welcome cocktail reception. Most of the guests who attend your wedding will likely arrive the day before your wedding, so make the evening special. Nothing fancy or expensive, simply gather around the pool at a local resort, or plan a beach party complete with cocktails and finger foods.

How about a group class? Perhaps a yoga session on the beach or even dancing lessons, painting, or any other activity that would be fun and a great release for all of the guests involved. Above all, make it fun and entertaining!

Planning a beach wedding? Snorkeling is an amazing group activity, and makes it possible for all of your wedding guests to enjoy an underwater world that is far different from the one above the water. Gorgeous reefs, fish and other sea life, a great way for your guests to enjoy their tropical getaway.

If you don’t mind splitting your guests up into smaller groups, consider a golf or spa day. No doubt many of the men are avid golf enthusiasts, and what woman doesn’t love to be pampered at a spa? These activities may be better saved for the day after the wedding, when everyone’s trying to recover from the big celebration and parties.

Participate in a zipline tour. Sound a bit frightening? Ziplining high in the air above the treetops is actually fun and exhilarating – and it’s completely safe. What better way for your guests to become acquainted than through sharing their experiences as they zip from one canopy bridge to the next? Exciting, challenging, an activity your guests will be talking about for some time to come.

There are lots of ways to bring your wedding guests together so they can get to know one another better, become more comfortable, and truly enjoy your Hawaii destination wedding. With a little creativity and help from a few of your closest friends, the days surrounding your wedding will turn out to be the trip of a lifetime for all of your favorite people! Trust us… we plan the best destination weddings in Hawaii!

Oahu Waterfall Wedding – What NOT to Say to the Bride

May 13, 2015 by

oahu waterfall wedding

At Hawaii Weddings, we know there are some things you simply never say to a bride on her wedding day, regardless of whether you are her best friend or a close family member. If you are attending a wedding, we have a few suggestions on topics you should avoid on the bride’s wedding day, the biggest, most memorable day of her life!

Did someone help you write your vows? I can’t believe you could do it yourself. This is rude, and really no one’s business but the bride and groom. Perhaps the officiant performing the ceremony helped, or she took a quote from a romantic novel – or she may have truly written the vows herself. Don’t ask!

I thought this day would never come. Even if you genuinely thought the couple would NEVER get married, here they are, preparing to say their vows to one another and become one. Maybe you did think the bride would never settle down, or that she wasn’t marriage material. Keep your opinion to yourself, it will only hurt the bride – and it’s a guarantee she will remember what you said.

When do you plan to have children? Will you be buying a house soon? For the moment, the bride wants to focus solely on the most important day of her life – her wedding day. Don’t ask questions about the future, let her enjoy her “in the now” moment. This is a day she wants to stretch out for as long as possible, the happiest day of her life.

Making bets, even jokingly, about whether the marriage will last is a huge no-no. Just don’t go there.

How could you afford an Oahu waterfall wedding? Asking the bride (or groom) who paid for the wedding, whether they paid for it themselves, or who else may have chipped in is simply rude. Instead, compliment them on how beautiful the wedding is, and the great job they did planning all of the details.

These are a few of the areas you should avoid on the bride’s wedding day. Also, try not to complain about the seating or who you’re sitting next to, or talk about what you did at your own wedding. This is HER day, not yours. The attention should be on the bride, so don’t make comments that puts attention somewhere else.

At Hawaii Weddings, we make Oahu waterfall weddings possible for couples who desire a simple, intimate wedding, a lavish wedding with all of the amenities, and everything in between. Keep the tips above in mind, and help the bride enjoy a day filled with friends, family, love, and romance.

Oahu Beach Wedding? Things to Do On Your Wedding Day

May 4, 2015 by

oahu beach wedding

Whether your dream Hawaii wedding is on a beach or near a waterfall, if you’re not familiar with Oahu you may be curious as to what there is to do on the island. It may be just you and your new spouse, a few close friends, or your entire family. Regardless of how big your wedding is, there is no shortage of things to do on Oahu, which boasts not only a beautiful coastline and green valleys but romantic waterfalls and much more.

A few ideas of how to spend the time following your Oahu beach wedding include a sunset cruise, horseback riding, swimming with dolphins, or even a helicopter tour.

A sunset cruise is ideal if you’re Hawaii wedding will be a private affair. Sail along the Oahu coastline on a romantic 90-minute cruise on a catamaran, including drinks to celebrate your new life as a couple. Or, if your wedding is a larger affair that includes friends and family, consider a cruise that provides accommodations including a nice dinner and champagne, accompanied by live entertainment.

Love horseback riding? Why not enjoy a romantic trail ride along the beach before taking in the magnificent Hawaiian sunset? Another option is to ride through the countryside as you enjoy the beautiful forests, mountains, and amazing views of the ocean.

Oahu offers you and your new husband/wife some amazing opportunities to swim with dolphins, whether you choose the 26,000 foot lagoon at Kahala Hotel & Resort or Sea Life Park Hawaii. Kayak, play with the dolphins or ride on their bellies or dorsal fins, and participate in a photo session that will provide you with pictures that will bring back wonderful memories decades from now.

Rather experience Oahu from above? Many newly wedded couples enjoy a helicopter tour that makes it possible to enjoy the waterfalls, rain forests, Turtle Bay, picturesque Keehi Lagoon, and Diamond Head, Hawaii’s extinct volcano. If you marry during winter months, Turtle Bay is where you can experience humpback whales.

Of course, you can always just lay on the beach and relax, or enjoy Oahu’s lively nightlife scene. Whatever you choose, you’re sure to have a great time following your wedding.

Interested in learning more about available wedding packages on Oahu? Contact Hawaii Weddings today for a wedding that is truly memorable, romantic, and unique.

Hawaii Wedding Packages – Your Affordable Dream Wedding

April 27, 2015 by

hawaii wedding packages

At Hawaii Weddings, we understand that many couples simply do not have a “bottomless” budget, and that cost is a big concern. You dream of a beach or waterfall wedding, or even a sunset wedding. Whether your desire is to become one with your significant other at Pukalani Falls Garden, Queen Emma Summer Palace, or any of the many beaches in Oahu or Maui, we make it affordable to relish in the most important day of your life – your wedding day!

From a few hundred dollars to a few thousand, our Hawaii wedding packages are as diverse as the couples we bring together. For instance, if you’re the type who prefers a no-fuss, simple wedding you may enjoy our barefoot beach wedding. Many couples simply want to stand barefoot on the beach and say “I do.” We offer this option, and many others. We understand that when you’re setting up house and have a honeymoon to plan, budgeting wisely is important.

Our Sunset Package at Pirates Grove is within most couples’ budgets, and includes a photo package including 30 poses, a photo album, and digital files along with a beautiful bouquet for the bride, photo touch ups, custom lei design, ceremony and permit fees, and more. You will enjoy photos and filming performed under a variety of lighting conditions, so that your wedding photos are perfect. It’s also important to note that each of our wedding packages can be customized to your needs, which can help you save money.

We also offer a’la carte pricing, so you can mix and match our services to your needs!

Getting “hitched” in Hawaii doesn’t have to cost a fortune, and you don’t have to give up on your dream because of budget constraints. At Hawaii Weddings, we invite you to browse our website or give us a call to learn how you can indulge in a romantic, memorable beach, waterfall, or sunset wedding in Oahu or Maui without breaking the bank.

Fabulous Wedding Locations in Hawaii Other Than the Beach

April 21, 2015 by

wedding locations in hawaii

At Hawaii Weddings, we realize that many couples dream of a Hawaii beach wedding. However, there are others that prefer to join with their significant other by a waterfall, in a beautiful garden, or even on the water in a sailboat or catamaran. Beach weddings aren’t for everyone, and if you’re looking for wedding locations in Hawaii other than the beach, we have plenty of options!

Considering Hawaii is surrounded by water, some couples prefer to enjoy the trickling of water in the background – but without the beach and sand. When you wed by a waterfall, you truly enjoy a storybook wedding. Pukalani Falls Garden is where you will find total enchantment, as you wed amidst koi ponds, tropical botanicals, and a private garden atmosphere.

Does a charming estate setting capture your imagination? Our Hawaii wedding packages include the Queen Emma Summer Palace, a venue that provides amazing photo opportunities with its Doric columns and tropical gardens. This palace truly reflects Hawaiian culture, and offers an outdoor wedding terrace tucked away among the lush greenery – a truly “royal” and romantic experience.

If a little more adventure is what you’re after, you may want to consider getting “hitched” on a boat, whether a sailboat at sunset or catamaran adventure. Imagine setting sail just before sunset, and enjoying a wedding at sea, with unimaginable views and the sounds of water lapping as you wed the person you love more than life itself. In a word, amazing. Or, jet off on a catamaran to a secluded island if you’re looking for a truly original – and outrageous – experience! Of course you can always enjoy a catamaran cruise, even on your honeymoon or simply to enjoy an exciting and fun adventure while visiting Hawaii.

At Hawaii Weddings, we offer a wide array of options in addition to the more traditional beach wedding. Contact us today, or browse our site to learn more about the packages and destinations we offer in Oahu and Maui. Hawaii destination weddings are our specialty; we want to make your special day more memorable than you ever imagined possible!

Hawaii Destination Weddings – Maui Wedding Tips

April 13, 2015 by

hawaii destination weddings

Because Maui is a favorite amongst those planning Hawaii destination weddings, couples usually find getting married on the island is easier and less stressful, largely due to access to many great services and professionals who have assisted hundreds or even thousands of couples over the years. If you’re planning a Maui wedding, we have a few tips we think you will appreciate.

Drive safely and sober. Because Maui has many winding, dangerous roads that most guests won’t be familiar with, it’s important to be extremely careful. Laws regarding drinking and driving are very strict, and considering most brides, grooms, and guests partake in a few adult beverages both the day before and the day of the wedding, you certainly don’t want any catastrophes. Consider a car service, shuttle, or other transportation if hotel accommodations are a substantial distance away from the area where your wedding will take place.

Keep your budget in mind. Certainly, every bride and groom would love to have a bottomless budget with no restrictions, but this just isn’t typically the case in real life. Understand that realistically, you may not be able to afford everything you would like. In many cases there are more budget-friendly alternatives to the original, however your wedding planner can assist you with possible alternatives. Be realistic regarding how much you can spend from the start, and your wedding day can be stress-free.

Be comfortable. Maui offers a relaxed, laid-back atmosphere you should take advantage of – and that means it’s perfectly fine to wear sandals or flip flops instead of spiked heels for your wedding. If you insist on wearing heels or other uncomfortable shoes, be sure to break them in early! The last thing you want on your wedding day is to be in pain.

Keep your sense of humor no matter what. Because you are getting married in Maui doesn’t mean things will go perfect, without a hitch. Along the way, something will not go exactly as you had planned, so keep your spirits high and realize that when you least expect it, something may go wrong. Don’t we all have those friends or family members who are bound to do something crazy? Have a sense of humor.

Be respectful to Maui’s beaches and environment. Remove debris after the wedding, and remember that on public beaches, anyone has the right to enjoy – you cannot have an area of the beach roped off for your wedding. In addition, you may want to consider sparkling cider for your celebration, as alcohol is not allowed at public parks or beaches in Maui.

Whether you’re having a beach, waterfall, or sunset wedding, no place on earth is more beautiful or relaxing than Maui, a Hawaii wedding destination of choice for thousands of couples every year. Contact Hawaii Weddings today for more tips, and to learn about our wide array of wedding packages.