Hawaii Wedding Destination? Include Everybody In The Party!

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At Hawaii Weddings, we realize that the bride is typically the one person who gets the majority of the attention on her wedding day. As the bride-to-be, would you like to make your guests feel as though they are a special, important part of the occasion? Of course you would. If you’re planning on a Hawaii wedding destination, we have a few ideas on how you can be remembered as a gracious – and awesome – bride.

Instead of a rehearsal dinner, consider a welcome party. Rehearsal dinners are usually somewhat formal; why not throw a welcome party instead? A welcome party can be a leisurely affair where all of your guests can get acquainted with each other, mingling and enjoying drinks, casual dining, music, even dancing. By the time your wedding vows are spoken, everyone will know each other!

Arrange for transportation for your guests. When you get married in Hawaii, most of the guests who attend won’t be familiar with the area, or know their way around. If you intend to get married in the afternoon or evening hours and offer adult beverages, it’s safer – and your guests will appreciate being driven to and from your big event.

Consider babysitters for guests who have children. Many people decline an invitation to a wedding simply because they have children, which can be an annoyance. Perhaps you are having a ceremony where no children are allowed. Increase guest attendance by providing babysitters for those who have children – they’ll love you for it.

Provide accessories for the weather. In Hawaii, as well as many other states, temperatures can be extremely warm. If yours will be an outdoor wedding, why not provide wide-brimmed hats or parasols for your guests? They will definitely appreciate you for it, and see your uniqueness as a thoughtful bride.

There are lots of little things you can do to make your guests feel appreciated and important on your wedding day. At Hawaii Weddings, we have a variety of Hawaii beach and waterfall wedding packages to make that one special day in your life spectacular!

Hawaii Weddings – Gift Ideas for Groom To Give The Bride

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Getting married in Hawaii is the dream of many brides, who desire romantic, tropical surroundings. As one of Hawaii’s premier destination wedding providers, we understand that the groom often has trouble coming up with ideas for the perfect wedding day gift for the bride. Below we have a few ideas we think many of you grooms will find useful.

Jewelry that goes with everything. From a pair of diamond stud earrings to a slim gold/silver bracelet, every woman loves jewelry. A little bling can help finish off your bride’s wedding day ensemble, or be worn with something as casual as shorts and a t-shirt when you’re cruising around the islands after the wedding. Think about her style preferences – you don’t want to give anything too extravagant if she prefers simple and classic.

Monogrammed PJ’s or robe. Every new bride is proud of her new initials. For her dream Hawaii wedding day, consider a monogrammed robe, pajamas, or even bath towels or sheets.

How about a family heirloom? There is no better way to make your new bride truly feel a part of your family than to give a gift that has been treasured in your family for years, whether a brooch your grandmother cherished, or a ring passed down for generations. If you don’t have any heirlooms, a locket with a photo of the two of you inside is sweet and touching.

A simple note. Sometimes, it’s the things that are free or that you made yourself that are the most special. Write her a note to open up and read the morning of the wedding, telling her how much you love her, what makes her special, how you look forward to spending the rest of your life with her, etc. This personal note will be a keepsake she will have as the two of you grow old together!

Whether it’s framed tickets of a show the two of you went to see together, or elegant champagne glasses the two of you can use to toast at your wedding, your bride will love anything you give her on your wedding day – as long as it’s from the heart.

If your dream is a beach or waterfall wedding in Maui or Oahu, rely on Hawaii Weddings to make your day the one you’ve always dreamed of!

How Much Do Hawaii Weddings Cost?

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At Hawaii Weddings, we understand that couples do not go into the process of getting married blindly, and that most people do not have unlimited financial resources. If you have decided on a Hawaii destination wedding, you’re probably curious as to how much it will cost. The simple answer is, it depends. Let’s go into it a bit further so you will understand the various factors that can impact the cost of a Hawaii wedding.

First of all, consider your budget. Hawaii weddings are typically less costly than traditional weddings because in most cases, the guest list is smaller – and the honeymoon is combined, as you are already in an amazing honeymoon destination!

Most destination wedding providers offer various packages for every budget. In addition, there are costs you may want to avoid, such as those for photographers, flowers, etc. If you have a friend or family member who is a skilled photographer, you may want to consider letting that person take photographs at your wedding. If you want a wedding cake but cannot afford the expense of having a professional make it, perhaps someone you know is talented enough to take care of it for you.

Basically, how much your Hawaii wedding will cost depends on how simple or extravagant you want the wedding to be. For instance, our Barefoot Beach Wedding is the most basic of all, and includes the ceremony along with two white orchid wedding leis for just over $300. A step up from this package is our Angels Bay Beach Wedding, which includes a photo package complete with 20 poses and an album/digital files, ceremony fee, permit fee, Hawaiian purple orchid leis, and a spectacular landscape.

We also offer packages that contain everything from a bridal bouquet, music, and hair/makeup to  Hawaii wedding photographer, chairs for guests, wedding cake, venue rental and more. Of course, each package can be customized to your needs. A’la carte items may also be added, for example if you choose the Barefoot Beach Wedding and want to add on photos, a musician, or even a bamboo wedding arch, you can mix and match as you choose to suit your budget.

There is no concrete answer for how much a Hawaii wedding will cost – it all depends on what you want included in your wedding, number of guests, and other factors. However, you can get a good idea of how much you can expect to spend by visiting our Hawaii destination wedding site at!

Hawaii Weddings – Selecting Your Wedding Venue

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If a Hawaii destination wedding is your dream, you’re not alone! You picture you and your significant other saying your “I do’s” on the beach, in a tropical setting, or perhaps near a magnificent waterfall. When most people think of Hawaii, beautiful sunsets, sand, and water usually come to mind first. However, if you do plan to wed in Oahu, Maui, or anywhere else in Hawaii, it’s important to choose a venue! Simply deciding you want to get married in Hawaii isn’t enough. At Hawaii Weddings, we have a few pointers to help you determine a venue that will be part of the most memorable, precious day of your life.

Ask yourself (and your soon-to-be spouse) the following questions:

Do you prefer a beach side wedding, garden view, rustic atmosphere, or other unique venue?

Is a resort or hotel wedding your preference, or would you rather marry off-premise?

How many guests do you intend to invite, and how many do you realistically expect will be able to attend (low end/high end)?

Do you and your spouse-to-be prefer the entire wedding/reception be held either indoors or outdoors, or a combination of both?

What is your total budget for the ceremony, reception, decor, music, and all other aspects of your wedding?

Is the wedding date flexible, or do you have a specific or meaningful date in mind? Is there a certain day of the week (or weekend) you prefer to be married?

How far in advance do you intend to start planning your Hawaiian wedding? Certain venues may be booked well in advance, so this is extremely important.

What is the atmosphere you prefer for your wedding? For instance, do you prefer an elegant wedding, tropical, rustic, minimalist, etc.? When in Hawaii, some prefer tropical surroundings, while others still want to preserve some of the more elegant traditions. You may want a barefoot wedding on the beach, or one near the waterfalls surrounded by greenery, candles, and other romantic decor.

Answering the above questions should help you narrow down the venue you prefer. You may know for certain you want to tie the knot at Pukalani Falls Garden in Oahu, but you may still be clueless about the number of guests or the exact wedding date.

The specific destination you choose (Oahu, Maui, etc.) will impact all other details. It’s important to have a good idea of what you can afford in terms of budget, and to be aware that all venues are different when it comes to booking guidelines, site fees, and other details.

Some highly popular venues require one year or more advance notice as they are booked up for months or longer, while others may be available in just weeks or a couple of months. Because it is the most important day of your life, you need to be prepared and aware of all of this early on!

At Hawaii Weddings, we offer a wide range of packages for any budget, and can arrange all of the details for you so that you can relax and enjoy a stress-free, beautiful wedding. Give us a call today!

Top Reasons To Consider Hawaii Destination Weddings

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Your wedding day is to be treasured forever, so it should be memorable and unique. Thousands of couples come to Hawaii to get married each year, and for many reasons, some of which we’ll mention below. Is a Hawaiian paradise wedding for you? Answer after learning the top reasons for Hawaii destination weddings!

It’s just easier. Planning a traditional wedding takes an incredible amount of time, work, and effort – not to mention how stressful it is. How many couples have married in the church you are considering? Shouldn’t your wedding be different? When you decide on an Oahu or Maui wedding, the stress literally disappears, as your whole day is brought seamlessly together by professionals who understand how special this day is.

The cost savings is enormous. While you will still choose from various packages that become more expensive depending on the services you choose (photos, music, wedding cake, videography, etc.), a Hawaiian wedding is still far less costly than most traditional weddings, which can cost tens of thousands by the time all is said and done!

Enjoy your honeymoon without traveling to another location. With most traditional weddings, the couple leaves for their honeymoon soon after the wedding and reception, often traveling thousands of miles. When you get married in Hawaii, you’re already in the most romantic location in the world to honeymoon! Breath-taking waterfalls, beautiful beaches, lots of fun activities, fine dining – get married, then stay put for a week or so of relaxing in tropical surroundings.

You’re giving your family and guests a memorable experience. Those who attend your wedding will be treated to a break away from their everyday lives – and who wouldn’t want to visit Hawaii for a few days? Giving your family and loved ones a little taste of paradise is something they will always cherish.

There are countless reasons for choosing a Hawaii destination wedding, so what are you waiting for? Forget all of the stress and hassle, and head for a destination where the weather is warm and tropical, the water mesmerizing. At Hawaii Weddings, we make your special day what it should be – one that you will remember fondly and cherish for the rest of your lives.

Your Fairy Tale Wedding in Hawaii – Find the Right Planners

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For many couples, a Hawaii destination wedding really does sound like a dream come true – a fairy tale, if you will. With the right planner, you can afford the wedding of your dreams! Most couples hope that their first wedding will be their one and only, one that will result in a lifetime of happiness, companionship, and true love. If your dream is to marry your soul mate in beautiful Hawaii, choosing the right planner is key to a wedding that is perfect, memorable, and stress-free.

At Hawaii Weddings, we understand that planning a wedding can be one of the most stressful tasks you ever encounter. Whether your dream is to have a casual beach wedding, or romantic wedding complete with the relaxing sounds and beautiful scenery of a waterfall, we make your dreams come true. In the weeks and months prior to your wedding, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed and frustrated. Fortunately, there are professionals who can help make sure your wedding day is exactly as you have always envisioned!

There are lots of things to consider when planning a wedding in Hawaii. Schedule, budget, vendors, theme, venues, coordination of it all – the list seems endless. Before you book your Hawaii destination wedding, ask a few questions. These should include:

How much experience does your staff have, and how many weddings do they perform each year? This is important to ensure your nuptials go off without a hitch, and that your day is just as you have dreamed it would be.

What is the charge? You may be on a strict budget, however many planners offer various packages so that you can choose the one that best suits your budget. Ultimately, the cost will depend on the services you are purchasing, and the experience/reputation and expertise of the professionals you choose.

What is included in the total cost? Most young couples do not have an unlimited budget, so it’s important to clearly understand what services are included in the cost. Are decor, refreshments for guests, photos, flowers, and hair/makeup for the bride included? Be sure to learn about every service covered in various packages.

Is liability insurance available? While you never expect anything tragic to happen on your wedding day, it’s best to be on the safe side. Find out if the company offers liability insurance, so that you can relax knowing that if an unfortunate accident should happen on your special day, you are protected.

At Hawaii Weddings, you can expect nothing less than the best in every area of planning and carrying out your wedding. When you’re ready to begin preparing for the most special, precious day of your life, count on our team for results that go far beyond your expectations.

Hawaii Destination Weddings: 2015 Beauty Trends For Brides

February 21, 2015 by

hawaii destination weddings

Destination weddings in Maui and Oahu can make a couple’s dreams of a beautiful, romantic – and tropical – Hawaiian wedding come true. While the groom and other members of the wedding party are no doubt excited and anticipating the wedding, it’s really the bride’s special day, above all others. At Hawaii Weddings, we know that on the most memorable and cherished day of your life, you want to look beautiful! Below we have included some of the top beauty trends for the bride for 2015.

What’s your preferred look? Perhaps you want a minimalist or natural look, or something a bit more bold or trendy. You’ve chosen the perfect dress, decided how you want to wear your hair, and now comes the makeup to bring your look all together!

If nude is your look of choice, opt for a foundation that’s soft and dewy, one that gives your skin a flawless look. Strong brows are good for the nude look, because the lips will be painted nude and eyes are au naturel, with no shadow on the lids. A soft, barely-there blush will add a bit of glowing color to cheeks.

Prefer a bolder eye or lips that are the focal point of your face? There are plenty of makeup choices that have proven to be hot for 2015, from heavy metal and bold metallics to the “just bitten” lip.

Some brides want to really play up the drama on their wedding day, but if you aren’t willing to take a risk, you may want to avoid the bronzed lip colors and intense, layered up silver and shimmery gold’s for eyes. However, if you’re the daring type, go for it! Having a fun time with your look is important on your wedding day, too.

What about blue eye colors? You may think blue eyeshadow is so 1970’s, but it’s back in a big way. Pale blue shades aren’t what’s making the news, but bold shades of sapphire, azure, and cobalt. When playing up eyes, be sure to downplay cheeks and lips – you don’t want certain areas of your face competing with each other.

Lush lashes are beautiful whether your look is nude or natural, or bold and dramatic. What bride doesn’t want lush, long lashes that add a feminine touch to any look?

Last but not least, if you’re normally one who doesn’t wear bold colors, you may want to accentuate your lips using a berry-brown shade that looks as though you’ve bitten your lip. This allows you to jazz it up a bit, without the deep plum or burgundy colors that can look too harsh.

There you have it! No matter what look you’re after on your wedding day, these tips will help you know what’s in for 2015, and how you can create a look as dazzling as your wedding dress. At Hawaii Weddings, we offer Hawaii destination weddings, and make them easy and affordable. Check out our packages, and learn how you can enjoy your ideal wedding in a lush, tropical location surrounded by amazing landscapes, where romance is always in the air.

Oahu Weddings – The Most Romantic Location Weddings

February 13, 2015 by

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Oahu wedding destinations are something many brides (and a few grooms as well) dream of all their lives. Something about the islands makes Hawaii the most popular wedding destination of all – or maybe it’s several things, including the most beautiful beaches, sunsets, and waterfalls. One thing is for certain, if you’re planning to get married in Oahu or Maui, romance will be in the air!

Sure, you could plan a traditional church wedding in Ohio, Texas, Phoenix, or wherever you live. Or, you could simply get married before a Justice of the Peace, and skip all of the planning and expense – but it’s your wedding day! This is one day in your life that you want to be perfect, one that you and your significant other will remember fondly for the rest of your lives. The great thing about romantic location weddings in Hawaii is that you can get married AND enjoy your honeymoon without having to travel after the ceremony.

Think about it for just a moment; church weddings are certainly beautiful, but there is something a little “stiff” and unrelaxed about all of the order and ceremony. All of your guests are captured inside, not to mention yourself and your soon-to-be husband or wife. If you’re someone who would love to walk through the sand barefoot or join together with your honey as you listen to the waves crash against the beach, Oahu weddings are a dream come true. Relax on your wedding day, and indulge your senses in the most romantic surroundings in the world.

At Hawaii Weddings, our beach and waterfall weddings in Oahu and Maui are perfect for those in search of a setting that’s totally romantic, without all of the formality or “pomp and circumstance.” Let us help plan your wedding, or browse all of the packages we have available to make your day the most enjoyable, memorable, and romantic day of your life!

Hawaii Destination Weddings – Mistakes To Avoid

February 6, 2015 by

hawaii destination weddings

Weddings in Hawaii have long been a dream of many couples, however even having your dream come true isn’t mistake-proof. The months before your wedding are some of the busiest in your life, and mistakes could end up making your wedding day not so memorable. At Hawaii Weddings, we have a few tips to help you avoid potentially disastrous mistakes!

Don’t be pressured into letting friends or amateurs take care of music, photography, etc. You may feel guilty for not letting your cousin play the violin, or your Aunt Betty take all of the wedding pictures – but it’s your wedding! If perfection isn’t a worry and you won’t mind if there are a few awkward gaps, go ahead – but be sure that your choices won’t ultimately make you unhappy with your decision.

Failing to develop a timeline. When it comes to your wedding day, it is essential to develop a timeline. Having one that’s unrealistic or none at all can end in disaster! Keep in mind that on the day you plan to marry, it’s impossible to “catch up” if you fall behind in schedule. You don’t want to feel rushed or panicked, which is exactly what will happen if you don’t allow ample time for everything, and add in a few moments along the way so that you can relax and enjoy your special day.

It’s impossible to please everyone who attends. No doubt your family members, friends, or even co-workers will have plenty of advice. While they are trying to be helpful, you cannot make everyone happy. It will wear you out. Be sure your friends and family will provide all kinds of advice on what they would do if they were planning Hawaii destination weddings – listen to their suggestions, but stick to your guns on issues that are not negotiable. It is the most important day of your life, so it should be done YOUR way.

Lounging on the beach all day the day before your wedding. Sure, glowing skin will make you look radiant in your wedding dress – but baking on the beach without a 30 SPF or higher sunscreen is not a good idea. Because the climate is so tropical in Hawaii, it’s easy to take on the look of a lobster before you know it. While a little color is good, boiled red is not a good look in your wedding dress, or in the dozens of photos that are sure to be taken.

You want your day to be perfect, so keep these tips in mind. At Hawaii Weddings, we provide the most beautiful, exquisite, and romantic beach and waterfall weddings you could ever imagine. Let us help with the planning, and enjoy a magical day without fear of disaster.

Hawaii Destination Weddings – Finding Your Wedding Style

January 30, 2015 by

hawaii destination weddings

At Hawaii Weddings, we know that all couples are unique, and that applies to the style of wedding each desires as well. Your wedding day is one that you should remember with fondness for the rest of your life, one of those memories you cherish most. Not all couples want a traditional church wedding, which is why so many make Hawaii their wedding destination! So, what is your “wedding style?” We have a few tips that will help you and your partner answer this question.

Today, creative inspiration overload can be a real problem, giving all of the online sites that spot the latest trends and share the news via social media. Making a decision can be tough, and you want your special day to be perfect. How can you easily determine the perfect wedding style for your Hawaii beach or waterfall wedding? The answer is simple – choose three words that describe you and your partner as a couple. If you find this difficult, it’s almost certain that friends or family members won’t have any problems finding three words that describe the two of you together, as a couple!

Here are a few examples to show you what we mean.

Would the two of you be described as spirited, unconventional, and free-thinking? A Boho style wedding may be the perfect choice for you.

Are you both hard-working individuals who are creative or thrifty? A DIY approach may be the right choice. Create your own simple centerpiece for the reception table, make your own wedding cake, or even design a simple bride’s bouquet. There are lots of ways to put your own creativity to work in your wedding, without spending a fortune!

Would friends/family describe the two of you as relaxed, laid-back, and natural? A Hawaiian beach wedding is the most laid-back style of all, and it’s certainly relaxed! Your wedding can be as simple, natural, and comfortable as you like, without all of the pretense often found in a traditional wedding.

Passionate, caring, and affectionate are three words that describe a couple who would likely love a waterfall wedding; after all, what could be more romantic? With lush, enchanting gardens surrounding the wedding party and the sounds of trickling water, nothing is more seducing or romantic.

It’s your wedding, what style sounds most like you? Of course these are just a few examples to help you get inspired. At Hawaii Weddings, we provide Hawaii destination weddings that are truly like no other. When it comes to your wedding day, never settle!