Winter – Ideal for a Romantic Hawaii Beach Wedding

January 9, 2016 by

hawaii beach wedding

Lots of couples get married during the winter months and holidays; after all, what better time than when there’s so much good will and cheer floating through the air? It’s an exciting time of the year for many, but for some, tying the knot when it’s snowing or 40 degrees outside just doesn’t cut it.

With a new year just around the corner, why not begin your new life as man and wife by having a Hawaii beach wedding? If you live in the northern U.S. states or even Canada, conditions may not be ideal – unless you really enjoy cold weather, and there’s certainly nothing wrong with that. However, for those who prefer warm temps, lots of sunshine, and lush tropical surroundings, there’s simply nothing like getting “hitched” on the beach!

Whether you prefer to wed in the fresh air of the early morning, in the middle of the afternoon, or at sunset, there’s much to be said for ocean breezes, the island atmosphere, and the sounds of waves gently lapping the beach (or, in some instances, crashing on the beach). Many people dream all their lives of getting married in Hawaii, on the beach – and you can afford to by choosing one of our wonderful wedding packages.

Whether it’s just you and your significant other, or an intimate group of your favorite family and friends, you can enjoy a casual, relaxed environment without all the hoopla and fuss of an extravagant, traditional church wedding. It’s pretty nice when you can relax, be yourself, and have a good time on the most important day of your life! One of the biggest “perks” of a Hawaii beach wedding is that as far as the honeymoon destination goes, you’re already there! As soon as your ceremony is performed, go hang out with guests and party a little, have dinner, and let the honeymoon begin.

True, many couples choose to get married in June – but the winter season is a wonderful time to wed, especially if you choose an amazing destination where the weather’s always warm, the landscape beautiful, and romance is in the air. Contact Hawaii Weddings today, and make your dreams come true!

Groom Tips – Wearing a Suit To Your Hawaii Beach Wedding?

November 14, 2015 by

hawaii beach wedding

While it’s perfectly fine to wear casual clothing such as a Hawaiian or tropical shirt and shorts or casual pants if you’re having a more casual beach wedding, many couples choose to go a bit more formal, even when they will be tying the knot next to the water on a beautiful beach. If you’re a groom who intends to wear a suit, we have a few tips to ensure you’ll be cool and comfortable – not to mention the most handsome man in attendance!

The color you choose depends on whether you have more traditional taste, or are not intimidated by wearing pastel colors. A suit in mint green, pale yellow, or even powder blue are ideal for a Hawaii beach wedding, as these colors look beautiful against the background of pale sand and deep blue sea. However, if this isn’t your style, you may want to go with a white, gold, or light grey suit. Consider the colors the bride and bridesmaids will be wearing so that your suit color doesn’t clash. While a black tux is fine if you want to go really formal, consider the warm temperatures in Hawaii, and the fact that black absorbs the heat.

Loud patterns and subtle prints give you a more casual look. Soft, woven textures, a paisley tie, pin stripes, a brightly colored shirt – those with outgoing personalities often like to really play it up when in a tropical setting, which can make for fabulous wedding photographs. No need to be too conservative, unless that’s just really your style.

Lightweight materials are ideal for the beach! The heat isn’t the only thing that may have you sweating – exchanging vows can be unnerving for many grooms. When choosing the perfect suit, look for lightweight fabrics such as linen. A lightweight material will help you keep your cool.

A loose fit is best. A loose, roomy suit offers a more casual, relaxed look than one that is cut too tightly. Wide pant legs are great, or choose a breezy button down top with short or 3/4 length sleeves in place of a jacket.

What style is best? A full tuxedo may be a bit much for a Hawaii beach wedding, considering it may be heavy and hot. A single-breasted jacket with two buttons or a vest paired with a shirt and tie is ideal.

The bride shouldn’t be the only person in the wedding party to get all of the attention! By selecting the right suit, you’ll be the center of attention as well – especially the bride’s attention.

Planning a destination beach wedding in Hawaii? At Hawaii Weddings, we’re all about making your day perfect and creating beautiful, lasting memories.

Planning a Hawaii Beach Wedding? Etiquette Tips

October 30, 2015 by

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There is a lot more to a Hawaii beach wedding than choosing the dress, finding someone to officiate, and hopping on a plane. For instance, who pays the airfare for the bridesmaids, and are you obligated to pay for guests’ hotel rooms? There are many details involved, but you want to make sure you do the right thing and don’t offend any of your friends or family. We have a few etiquette tips we think you’ll find useful.

First of all, who pays for guests’ hotel rooms and airfare when your wedding is at a faraway location? There are no hard and fast rules here. While you can pay for those who can’t afford it if you can afford to, you’re not obligated to do so. Most whose budgets won’t support the costs will simply decline your invitation. However, you can help guests prepare for the costs in advance by sending out save-the-date cards well in advance (about six to eight months beforehand), or check around with airlines to see if some may offer a discount on large groups. You can do the same with hotels, and you’ll have more luck getting group discounts if you book the rooms well in advance when rooms are still available.

If you don’t intend to pay for guests’ hotel rooms, how can you tell them in a polite way? The wording you use can make your point, and help you avoid any misunderstanding or hurt feelings. Include hotel information on your wedding website, save-the-date cards, and with the invitations. You can politely inform guests by including wording such as, “A group of rooms offering various rates is being held under the Baker/King wedding” or similar wording.

Should invitations be sent to those who informed you after receiving a save-the-date card they couldn’t attend? In most cases, yes – especially close family and friends. Sometimes circumstances change between the time you send out save-the-date cards and invitations, and someone who first thought they wouldn’t be able to attend may be able to. However, if casual acquaintances or colleagues decline after receiving the save-the-date card, it really isn’t necessary to send a formal invitation.

You can find lots of information regarding wedding etiquette online so that you feel confident you’re doing the right thing in every aspect of your wedding.

At Hawaii Weddings, we offer a wide range of wedding packages for every budget whether you’re dream is to have a beach, waterfall, or sunset wedding or even a wedding at sea, or at the beautiful Queen Emma Summer Palace. Contact us today, and take the first step toward your dream wedding!

Choosing the Dress for Your Hawaii Beach Wedding

October 19, 2015 by

hawaii beach wedding

If you’re planning a beach wedding in Hawaii, you may intend to dress casually in a flowing floral sundress for comfort. However, many brides who “tie the knot” in the sand want a beautiful wedding gown, regardless of the location where their wedding will take place. If you’ve decided you want a gorgeous formal wedding gown, we have a few tips to help you choose the best dress for your body type.

Be aware that when shopping for a wedding dress, sizes run very small. For instance, if you normally wear a size 8, expect to find the dress of your dreams that fits best is a 12 or even larger. While this may be depressing at least for a moment, it’s the fit and look that matters – not what’s inside on the tag!

Now for a little help with choosing the bride’s dress for your Hawaii beach wedding:

Do you have a boyish figure with minimal curves? A ball gown may be a good choice, as the huge skirt and fitted bodice gives the appearance of more curves. If you’re on the short side, try another style as this one will swallow you up!

Want to highlight your great curves? Choose a mermaid style wedding dress that flares below the knee, cut slim and with a skirt that hugs your curves. Beware that this style can be somewhat constricting, but if you don’t mind there is no other style that accents your fabulous figure so well.

If you’re petite, you may want to consider a column or sheath dress to add length. This style is formfitting and flows naturally without any flaring or puffy skirts. This look is also amazing on brides with slim, sleek figures.

Are you fit and trim with a flat tummy? A drop-waist wedding gown may be ideal for your figure type. This dress gently hugs your waist and hips, flaring out slightly around the hip area below the waist. Girls with a boxy, less rounded figure may want to avoid this style.

A great look for nearly every figure is the A-line dress, shaped similar to the letter A. Because the body gradually extends out from the waist down, this type of dress hides every type of problem from large hips or thighs to less-than-flat abdomens. A sweet look, but maybe not the dress of your dreams if you’re going for a sexy look.

When you get ready to go dress shopping, give yourself plenty of time before the wedding – don’t wait until the last minute, or you’ll only end up frustrated. Go early in the day while you’re fresh, and wear full makeup similar to what you intend to wear when you get married so you can get the full effect. You might want to take along a friend or two whose opinions you value.

At Hawaii Weddings, our specialties are beach, waterfall, sunset weddings, and weddings at sea. When it comes to your special day, there is no more romantic a location than Hawaii! Contact us today for information on our packages, locations, planning, and other details.

Planning an Oahu Beach Wedding? Tips for Vendor Tipping

August 25, 2015 by

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It’s important to consider tips for vendors when planning an Oahu beach wedding. When it comes to tipping, how much is proper and who actually deserves a little extra? At Hawaii Weddings, we have a few tips to help you decide which vendors actually deserve gratuity for exceptional service, and how much you should plan on tipping when planning your budget.

First of all, keep in mind that many companies today include gratuity or tips in the contract, so read it thoroughly and don’t be afraid to ask questions if the wording is not clear and you’re unsure whether gratuity is included.

Keep in mind it’s best to include tips in your budget initially when planning your Hawaii wedding. Chances are you’ve picked the vendors you find most suitable, and costs may be higher than what you expected before you began planning. By including tips in the budget from the get-go, you won’t face any unanticipated costs.

Have gratuities ready beforehand. When you’ve already chosen your vendors, it makes things easier to place tips in envelopes labeled with the vendor’s name. Once the service is completed to your satisfaction or at the end of the ceremony/event, you can hand out the envelopes in a discreet manner.

Remember that money isn’t the only way of showing your appreciation to vendors. In some cases, it may be more appropriate to send a small gift (for instance, if a good friend took wedding photos), or give a company with a website a stellar online review. Depending on the vendor/service provided, a personal thank-you note along with photos of the event may also be appropriate. Vendors with an online presence often appreciate a great review or publicity more than money, as this can help attract future clients and build the company’s brand.

Should you tip the owner of the company? In most cases, no – tip the employees who did the work. It’s also important to keep in mind that every vendor may not necessarily deserve a tip at all, particularly if the service provided was inadequate or not what was promised. Tip only those vendors who actually deserve it!

So, how much should you tip? It all depends on the service provided. For instance, caterers often are given a gratuity that equals 15% to 20% of the total bill. For the music or DJ, 15% of the total bill is standard. If you’ve hired a wedding planner or coordinator, it really depends on how extravagant your wedding is and the quality of work provided. Average tips vary from $50 up to $500, and most wedding planners appreciate photos to add to their portfolios to attract future clients.

At Hawaii Weddings, we want grooms and brides-to-be to be completely prepared for the costs of your Hawaii wedding, including tips. For a wide array of wedding packages and more information for a romantic, memorable wedding you’ll cherish forever, browse our website.

Wedding on the Beach in Oahu? What to Do After

August 3, 2015 by

wedding on the beach in oahu

At Hawaii Weddings, we understand your wedding day is the most important, special day of your life. However, most who come to Hawaii to get married want to make the most out of their trip to our beautiful islands. Perhaps you intend to stay for a few days or even a week following the ceremony. If you’re planning a wedding on the beach in Oahu, there is no shortage of things to do on the island! Here are a few of our suggestions.

Learn how to surf. Whether you’ve never surfed before or just want to learn a few new tricks, there are schools that offer qualified instructors who will help you accomplish your goals. The beautiful water is one of the things most loved by those who come to Hawaii; why not put yourself smack dab in the middle of it, and have a good time? No doubt you and your significant other will have a few laughs as well.

Visit the North Shore. Honolulu is a bustling city, and a major tourist destination. If you’re more into peace and solitude, the North Shore is just a short drive away, and offers mom-and-pop shops, secluded beaches where you can enjoy privacy, and some of the best cuisine on the island. Feel a little daring? Take a plunge off the famous Waimea Bay Beach rock!

Experience Koko Head Stairs. No need for a workout after you climb more than 1,000 steps to an amazing view of the sea and mountains. Located in Koko Head Park, this trail of stairs makes it possible for you to see Oahu’s East side, from Waimanalo all the way to the edge of Diamond Head. Amazing! Just be sure to apply sunscreen and a hat, and bring along water and sunglasses. Sunrise and sunset are ideal times to experience Koko Head Stairs.

These are just a few examples of the hundreds of things you can do during your stay on Oahu. Make the most of your Hawaii beach wedding trip, and see all you can fit in to your schedule to make your visit to Hawaii one that is filled with special memories!

Oahu Beach Wedding? Things to Do On Your Wedding Day

May 4, 2015 by

oahu beach wedding

Whether your dream Hawaii wedding is on a beach or near a waterfall, if you’re not familiar with Oahu you may be curious as to what there is to do on the island. It may be just you and your new spouse, a few close friends, or your entire family. Regardless of how big your wedding is, there is no shortage of things to do on Oahu, which boasts not only a beautiful coastline and green valleys but romantic waterfalls and much more.

A few ideas of how to spend the time following your Oahu beach wedding include a sunset cruise, horseback riding, swimming with dolphins, or even a helicopter tour.

A sunset cruise is ideal if you’re Hawaii wedding will be a private affair. Sail along the Oahu coastline on a romantic 90-minute cruise on a catamaran, including drinks to celebrate your new life as a couple. Or, if your wedding is a larger affair that includes friends and family, consider a cruise that provides accommodations including a nice dinner and champagne, accompanied by live entertainment.

Love horseback riding? Why not enjoy a romantic trail ride along the beach before taking in the magnificent Hawaiian sunset? Another option is to ride through the countryside as you enjoy the beautiful forests, mountains, and amazing views of the ocean.

Oahu offers you and your new husband/wife some amazing opportunities to swim with dolphins, whether you choose the 26,000 foot lagoon at Kahala Hotel & Resort or Sea Life Park Hawaii. Kayak, play with the dolphins or ride on their bellies or dorsal fins, and participate in a photo session that will provide you with pictures that will bring back wonderful memories decades from now.

Rather experience Oahu from above? Many newly wedded couples enjoy a helicopter tour that makes it possible to enjoy the waterfalls, rain forests, Turtle Bay, picturesque Keehi Lagoon, and Diamond Head, Hawaii’s extinct volcano. If you marry during winter months, Turtle Bay is where you can experience humpback whales.

Of course, you can always just lay on the beach and relax, or enjoy Oahu’s lively nightlife scene. Whatever you choose, you’re sure to have a great time following your wedding.

Interested in learning more about available wedding packages on Oahu? Contact Hawaii Weddings today for a wedding that is truly memorable, romantic, and unique.

How Much Do Hawaii Weddings Cost?

March 20, 2015 by

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At Hawaii Weddings, we understand that couples do not go into the process of getting married blindly, and that most people do not have unlimited financial resources. If you have decided on a Hawaii destination wedding, you’re probably curious as to how much it will cost. The simple answer is, it depends. Let’s go into it a bit further so you will understand the various factors that can impact the cost of a Hawaii wedding.

First of all, consider your budget. Hawaii weddings are typically less costly than traditional weddings because in most cases, the guest list is smaller – and the honeymoon is combined, as you are already in an amazing honeymoon destination!

Most destination wedding providers offer various packages for every budget. In addition, there are costs you may want to avoid, such as those for photographers, flowers, etc. If you have a friend or family member who is a skilled photographer, you may want to consider letting that person take photographs at your wedding. If you want a wedding cake but cannot afford the expense of having a professional make it, perhaps someone you know is talented enough to take care of it for you.

Basically, how much your Hawaii wedding will cost depends on how simple or extravagant you want the wedding to be. For instance, our Barefoot Beach Wedding is the most basic of all, and includes the ceremony along with two white orchid wedding leis for just over $300. A step up from this package is our Angels Bay Beach Wedding, which includes a photo package complete with 20 poses and an album/digital files, ceremony fee, permit fee, Hawaiian purple orchid leis, and a spectacular landscape.

We also offer packages that contain everything from a bridal bouquet, music, and hair/makeup to  Hawaii wedding photographer, chairs for guests, wedding cake, venue rental and more. Of course, each package can be customized to your needs. A’la carte items may also be added, for example if you choose the Barefoot Beach Wedding and want to add on photos, a musician, or even a bamboo wedding arch, you can mix and match as you choose to suit your budget.

There is no concrete answer for how much a Hawaii wedding will cost – it all depends on what you want included in your wedding, number of guests, and other factors. However, you can get a good idea of how much you can expect to spend by visiting our Hawaii destination wedding site at!

Spring’s Coming Soon, Plan Your Beach Wedding in Hawaii!

January 18, 2015 by

beach wedding in hawaii

It’s the middle of January, and before you know it spring will be here. Whether you live in Texas, California, or New Zealand, planning a beach wedding in Hawaii is fun and exciting – and time consuming! It may seem a bit early to begin planning your wedding, but blink twice and April will be here. At Hawaii Weddings, our professional staff is available to handle every detail of your beach wedding, so that you can relax and enjoy the moment.

East Oahu is where you will find Angel’s Bay, the most exquisite place in the world to have a beach wedding. The “secret” location hidden away by beautiful ironwood forest offers not only spectacular surroundings, but a romantic setting the bride, groom, and entire wedding party will find amazing.

It is the dream of many brides (and a few grooms, too) to enjoy a beautiful wedding in tropical surroundings, a place where the sunrise or sunset only lends to the magic of the moment. Many couples in Texas and other southern locales dream of a Hawaiian beach wedding, but have no idea how to plan all of the details and get it all organized. We take care of it all for you! All you need to do is choose the package best suited to your budget and needs.

From video and photography to custom styling for the bride, wedding cakes, and bouquets custom designed to your unique needs, we handle it all – in essence, a one-stop shop for a wedding that truly is the one you have dreamed of all your life.

What is so special about Hawaii? Everything. Nothing in the world is more romantic than being on an island, surrounded by pristine blue waters, the softest white sand on earth, and breathtaking landscapes made by Mother Nature. If your dream is a beach wedding in Hawaii, contact us today!