Groom Tips – Wearing a Suit To Your Hawaii Beach Wedding?

November 14, 2015 by

hawaii beach wedding

While it’s perfectly fine to wear casual clothing such as a Hawaiian or tropical shirt and shorts or casual pants if you’re having a more casual beach wedding, many couples choose to go a bit more formal, even when they will be tying the knot next to the water on a beautiful beach. If you’re a groom who intends to wear a suit, we have a few tips to ensure you’ll be cool and comfortable – not to mention the most handsome man in attendance!

The color you choose depends on whether you have more traditional taste, or are not intimidated by wearing pastel colors. A suit in mint green, pale yellow, or even powder blue are ideal for a Hawaii beach wedding, as these colors look beautiful against the background of pale sand and deep blue sea. However, if this isn’t your style, you may want to go with a white, gold, or light grey suit. Consider the colors the bride and bridesmaids will be wearing so that your suit color doesn’t clash. While a black tux is fine if you want to go really formal, consider the warm temperatures in Hawaii, and the fact that black absorbs the heat.

Loud patterns and subtle prints give you a more casual look. Soft, woven textures, a paisley tie, pin stripes, a brightly colored shirt – those with outgoing personalities often like to really play it up when in a tropical setting, which can make for fabulous wedding photographs. No need to be too conservative, unless that’s just really your style.

Lightweight materials are ideal for the beach! The heat isn’t the only thing that may have you sweating – exchanging vows can be unnerving for many grooms. When choosing the perfect suit, look for lightweight fabrics such as linen. A lightweight material will help you keep your cool.

A loose fit is best. A loose, roomy suit offers a more casual, relaxed look than one that is cut too tightly. Wide pant legs are great, or choose a breezy button down top with short or 3/4 length sleeves in place of a jacket.

What style is best? A full tuxedo may be a bit much for a Hawaii beach wedding, considering it may be heavy and hot. A single-breasted jacket with two buttons or a vest paired with a shirt and tie is ideal.

The bride shouldn’t be the only person in the wedding party to get all of the attention! By selecting the right suit, you’ll be the center of attention as well – especially the bride’s attention.

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Having a Hawaii Beach Wedding? Wedding Favor Ideas

September 3, 2015 by

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When those you invite to your wedding take the time to attend your Hawaii beach wedding (and also foot the bill for travel and lodging expenses), it’s nice to give out wedding favors to show your appreciation. Considering many of those who attend likely bought you a wedding gift or attended your wedding shower, wouldn’t it be nice to return the favor? Of course you don’t want to give out ink pens stamped with your wedding date – you should be a little more original than that. At Hawaii Weddings, we have a few wedding favor ideas we think you’ll appreciate.

Delicate jars of jam or honey, topped with cloth, burlap, or other material and tied around the lid using hemp or other natural materials makes a charming wedding favor. Consider unique labels that include your wedding date, names, and a whimsical message such as “Spread with Love.”

Tiny clay flower pots packed with soil, a little greenery, and a packet of wildflower seeds secured on a clear plastic stem such as those you find on flower arrangements at the florist. Not only do these make great favors, they also make adorable place settings at your rehearsal dinner or wedding feast!

Considering the warm (and sometimes hot) temperatures in Hawaii, a collapsible wooden fan, straw fans, or cute parasol would be a welcome gift – and help keep your guests cool during the ceremony.

What would be more suitable than flip flop bottle openers? Flip flops are definitely the shoe style of choice for the beach, and everyone needs a bottle opener. Perfect for destination and beach-themed weddings!

There are literally hundreds of wedding favors you could give your guests that won’t cost you a fortune, and that they will appreciate. Set up a candy stand with a wide assortment of hard candies, and include small bags the guests can fill with goodies to eat later. Be creative, or even make the favors yourself for a more unique, personal touch.

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Tips to Ensure Your Oahu Destination Wedding is Enjoyed

July 8, 2015 by

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A Hawaii destination wedding is the dream of many couples; when you do finally decide a beach or waterfall wedding in Oahu is the right choice for you, it’s important to consider your guests as well. Who doesn’t get excited at the opportunity to visit Hawaii? Some guests may decide to leave the day after your wedding, but many others will take this occasion to enjoy a short vacation for themselves. Here are a few tips to ensure all who are involved enjoy your special day, and the days that follow.

Romance, fine foods, gorgeous weather, sightseeing, taking in the beautiful surroundings of the beaches, mountains, and tropical terrain – there is so much to do in Hawaii, many couples and their guests decide to take advantage of the trip. Why not? It may be the only time you experience Oahu, so make the most of it!

Here are a few tips to help you avoid any potential disappointment:

Be sure to have a plan B. Getting married on the beach or near a beautiful waterfall is the dream of many couples, but what happens when the weather doesn’t cooperate? Should rain interrupt your plans, consider moving your ceremony indoors or rent a canopy to ensure everyone stays dry.

Provide advance notice to everyone who will be in attendance. From bridesmaids and groomsmen to guests, let everyone who plans to attend know about the details well in advance. When you’re planning a Hawaii destination wedding, there are lots of details involved considering flight plans, hotel accommodations, etc. The more time you give family and guests, the easier it will be to schedule time off from work, budgeting for the expense, child care, and other important details.

Think about how to entertain family and guests around your wedding. In the time prior to your wedding and the days that follow, what will guests do? While many will want to pursue their own interests and enjoy time with their own families, those who are single or who do not have children will appreciate your taking the time to find activities or events, or schedule outings/sightseeing trips. Your guests have made the effort to attend your wedding, and gone to the expense; consider their needs and wishes!

Will you want a DJ or live band, or other form of entertainment? What about catering or drinks? Well before your wedding, know exactly what staff you will need so that you can make sure any entertainment/service staff is available and booked in advance. The last thing you want is any unpleasant surprises.

When you decide on an Oahu destination wedding, you know it will be the most romantic, special, and memorable day of your life. Be sure every detail is taken care of in advance, and get married on the beach or near the gorgeous waterfalls in Oahu without the worry that “getting hitched” will involve a hitch!