Hawaii Destination Wedding Etiquette Tips

January 29, 2016 by

hawaii destination wedding

Planning a Hawaii destination wedding.  When you’re tying the knot at a faraway location, it’s hard to know what’s the proper thing to do as far as etiquette is concerned. What about the kids, your budget, invitations – and even your spouse? There are lots of issues to address. We have etiquette tips you’ll appreciate below.

Even if you know certain guests can’t attend, send an invitation anyway. It’s important to make your closest friends and family feel included, even if they can’t attend because of work, budget, or other reasons. Considering today’s advanced technology, no one will feel left out if you create a video or photographs and share them via social media or your own wedding website.

Give potential guests plenty of time to plan. When you’re getting married in Hawaii or any other far-off destination, it’s important to let everyone know well in advance. Send out invites 8 to 12 months before your wedding day if possible, so guests have plenty of time to save up and plan for the trip.

Don’t neglect your spouse-to-be! It’s easy to get caught up in all of the excitement, especially when you’re getting “hitched” in an exotic or tropical location. Keep your soon-to-be spouse first and foremost! Take a walk on the beach at sunrise or sunset, go together to get pampered at a spa, enjoy a long and leisurely breakfast in bed. Take the time to pamper your soulmate!

If kids are invited, make sure they’re entertained. Does the destination have access to water parks or camps? Find out what there is for the kiddos to do, and have board games available. You might also want to plan a scavenger hunt, or have a member of your group (or a babysitter in the area) take care of the kids during critical times.

Only invite guests to pre-wedding parties and events who will be invited to the actual wedding. Mixing guests is a recipe for hurt feelings. Don’t do it!

Know what your budget is, and plan accordingly. Going way over budget will leave you stressed after the wedding, when you should be enjoying your role as a newlywed.

If it’s within your means, guests will be thrilled with the gift of an all-inclusive (lodging, transportation, airfare, etc.). If it’s not within your budget, don’t stress about it. Do make sure to have a block of rooms reserved for your guests, and find out about all of the transportation options so guests won’t feel completely lost when they arrive.

Planning a Hawaii destination wedding? If getting married on the beach, at sunset, or even at sea is your idea of a dream wedding, Hawaii Weddings offers all this and more, along with wedding packages suitable for every desire and budget.

Hidden Wedding Costs You May Not Have Considered

January 23, 2016 by

wedding costs

As providers of Hawaii wedding packages that make it possible for couples to enjoy their dream beach or waterfall wedding, we know there are lots of “hidden” wedding costs you may not have considered when planning your special day. Most brides and grooms (and their parents) don’t have a bottomless budget, and it’s important to be frugal. We’ve included a few hidden costs you should be aware of, so that you don’t experience “sticker shock” when determining the total cost of your wedding.

Postage for sending out invites. Most stationers don’t make the shipping costs of sending out wedding invitations readily available. The fact is, extra large or bulky invitations could cost you substantially more to mail – in fact, as much as $2 each! You may want to go with simpler (cheaper) invitations.

Overtime costs. Maybe you’ve decided to hire a DJ or band, a photographer, caterer, or other professional for your wedding and/or reception. Overtime costs can be hidden, and if you’ve blocked off a specific time limit for services and things go a little later than you anticipated, you will likely face overtime charged by the hour. Get overtime rates in writing, and do what you can to be ready before the time starts ticking for the wedding photographer or videographer.

Gratuities and taxes. Nearly everything is taxed today, and rates vary from one state to the next. Taxes on hotel accommodations, gratuities for limo or taxi drivers, servers at your reception, taxes on equipment rental (tables, chairs, etc.) – all of this can add up to a great deal more than you think. Consider this when planning the budget for your wedding; you could be spending hundreds more in taxes and gratuities alone!

Cleanup and breakdown. Have you ever considered the costs of cleaning up after a wedding – breaking down of decorations, garbage removal, etc.? Most couples don’t. Full service venues don’t typically charge for cleaning, removing trash, etc., however if you’re only renting a space without the full-service benefits, be prepared to pay extra for these services unless you’re willing to do it yourself.

These are just a few of the hidden costs you may not have considered – there are also costs if your wedding dress needs to be altered, transportation for rentals, even costs for cutting the cake, supplying your guests with wine, and cleaning all the dishes if you choose to use services outside those provided by your reception site. Be smart, and think of every little detail so you won’t be unpleasantly surprised when you tally up the total cost of your wedding.

At Hawaii Weddings, we offer wedding packages for every budget and preference, helping you save a bundle while still enjoying a spectacular wedding day!

Planning an Eco-Friendly Hawaii Destination Wedding

January 15, 2016 by

hawaii destination wedding

For many brides-to-be and their grooms, having a beach wedding in Hawaii or getting married at sea is a dream – but you want every aspect of your special day to be as eco-friendly as possible. Today, most people are very aware of the condition of our environment – and the fact that each and every one of us must take steps to reduce our carbon footprint for the future of our young loved ones. So, how can you plan a destination wedding that’s eco-friendly? We have a few suggestions.

When it comes to centerpieces and your bouquet, think local. Buying local or even foraging the roadside or fields are a great way to get natural flowers and greenery – and you’ll save a bundle! If you have to purchase flowers, get them from local farms or the farmers’ markets.

Avoid renting decor, and buy items you’ll use again yourself or give to friends. From candlesticks to napkins you make yourself, think of ways you can decorate with items you’ll use after you’re married, or those you can gift to friends and family.

What’s on the menu? When it comes to your wedding or rehearsal dinner, why not choose foods that are sourced locally? Farm-to-table has become extremely popular; local caterers can create a menu using vendors or farms that have foods that are grown or raised locally. A delicious meal that’s in season!

Why use paper? Given that it’s so easy to create a website today, you can make all of the information pertaining to your wedding available online, rather than sending out registry information, maps, etc. If you must send out maps and other paper items, be sure to use 100% post-consumer recycled options. Instead of handing out a program to every person who attends your wedding, why not create a large menu everyone can easily view at the reception? This keeps everyone “in the know” without the need for hundreds of pieces of paper.

Buy a dress for your wedding shower/rehearsal you’ll wear in the future. Why spend hundreds on a dress you’ll wear only once? Choose a dress for your shower and/or rehearsal you’ll wear in the future to holiday parties or other events.

There are lots of ways you can make your Hawaii destination wedding more friendly for the environment, without sacrificing your special day. Pick a beautiful dinner centerpiece you can plant after the wedding, have a catering company who will agree to compost and recycle waste. At Hawaii Weddings, we want to make the most memorable day of your life even more special! Contact us for all of your Hawaii wedding package and planning needs.

Winter – Ideal for a Romantic Hawaii Beach Wedding

January 9, 2016 by

hawaii beach wedding

Lots of couples get married during the winter months and holidays; after all, what better time than when there’s so much good will and cheer floating through the air? It’s an exciting time of the year for many, but for some, tying the knot when it’s snowing or 40 degrees outside just doesn’t cut it.

With a new year just around the corner, why not begin your new life as man and wife by having a Hawaii beach wedding? If you live in the northern U.S. states or even Canada, conditions may not be ideal – unless you really enjoy cold weather, and there’s certainly nothing wrong with that. However, for those who prefer warm temps, lots of sunshine, and lush tropical surroundings, there’s simply nothing like getting “hitched” on the beach!

Whether you prefer to wed in the fresh air of the early morning, in the middle of the afternoon, or at sunset, there’s much to be said for ocean breezes, the island atmosphere, and the sounds of waves gently lapping the beach (or, in some instances, crashing on the beach). Many people dream all their lives of getting married in Hawaii, on the beach – and you can afford to by choosing one of our wonderful wedding packages.

Whether it’s just you and your significant other, or an intimate group of your favorite family and friends, you can enjoy a casual, relaxed environment without all the hoopla and fuss of an extravagant, traditional church wedding. It’s pretty nice when you can relax, be yourself, and have a good time on the most important day of your life! One of the biggest “perks” of a Hawaii beach wedding is that as far as the honeymoon destination goes, you’re already there! As soon as your ceremony is performed, go hang out with guests and party a little, have dinner, and let the honeymoon begin.

True, many couples choose to get married in June – but the winter season is a wonderful time to wed, especially if you choose an amazing destination where the weather’s always warm, the landscape beautiful, and romance is in the air. Contact Hawaii Weddings today, and make your dreams come true!

Having a Hawaii Beach Wedding? Tropical Drink Ideas

December 5, 2015 by

hawaii beach wedding

Many couples who choose a beach wedding in Hawaii look forward to treating their guests to a great time; after all, what could be better than tropical weather, a gorgeous beach, and a casual, relaxed environment? If you intend to serve “adult” beverages to your guests, we have a few tropical drink recipes we think everyone will find refreshing – and delicious.

Who doesn’t love a Hurricane? Made using fresh fruit juices and rum, here’s an easy recipe:

1 oz. each of light and dark rum
1 1/2 oz. each of fresh orange juice and pineapple juice
1/2 oz. each of fresh lime juice and passion fruit syrup
A dash of bitters

Just throw all of the ingredients along with cracked ice into a cocktail shaker, then strain into chilled wine glasses. Use fresh fruit as a garnish, if desired.

Here’s a great drink recipe that’s truly Hawaiian – the Passionate Mai Tai!

In a shaker glass with ice, include all ingredients listed below except the dark rum. Shake one time, then pour drink into a 14 oz. glass. Float the dark rum, then garnish with bamboo orchid and a maraschino cherry.

1/2 oz. each of simple syrup, amaretto, orange Curacao, and dark rum
2 oz. of fresh lilikoi juice
1 oz. lemon juice
1 1/2 oz. of gold rum

Delicious and refreshing!

Since you’re having a Hawaii beach wedding, the Beachcomber makes perfect sense, right? Here’s how you make it:

4 oz. each of pear nectar and banana liqueur
8 oz. of vodka
1/2 oz. lemon juice
thinly sliced and peeled fresh ginger, for garnish

Mix all ingredients listed above in a pitcher or cocktail shaker; pour over crushed ice, and enjoy. Serves four.

Of course you can always serve wine, champagne, or even beer, but these fruity drinks are the ideal complement to a tropical beach wedding!

Whether you intend to have a small wedding with only close family and friends, or a huge blow-out to celebrate your union, count on Hawaii Weddings for planning, budget-friendly packages, and all of the help you need making your Hawaii destination wedding exactly as you’ve always dreamed.

Groom Tips – Wearing a Suit To Your Hawaii Beach Wedding?

November 14, 2015 by

hawaii beach wedding

While it’s perfectly fine to wear casual clothing such as a Hawaiian or tropical shirt and shorts or casual pants if you’re having a more casual beach wedding, many couples choose to go a bit more formal, even when they will be tying the knot next to the water on a beautiful beach. If you’re a groom who intends to wear a suit, we have a few tips to ensure you’ll be cool and comfortable – not to mention the most handsome man in attendance!

The color you choose depends on whether you have more traditional taste, or are not intimidated by wearing pastel colors. A suit in mint green, pale yellow, or even powder blue are ideal for a Hawaii beach wedding, as these colors look beautiful against the background of pale sand and deep blue sea. However, if this isn’t your style, you may want to go with a white, gold, or light grey suit. Consider the colors the bride and bridesmaids will be wearing so that your suit color doesn’t clash. While a black tux is fine if you want to go really formal, consider the warm temperatures in Hawaii, and the fact that black absorbs the heat.

Loud patterns and subtle prints give you a more casual look. Soft, woven textures, a paisley tie, pin stripes, a brightly colored shirt – those with outgoing personalities often like to really play it up when in a tropical setting, which can make for fabulous wedding photographs. No need to be too conservative, unless that’s just really your style.

Lightweight materials are ideal for the beach! The heat isn’t the only thing that may have you sweating – exchanging vows can be unnerving for many grooms. When choosing the perfect suit, look for lightweight fabrics such as linen. A lightweight material will help you keep your cool.

A loose fit is best. A loose, roomy suit offers a more casual, relaxed look than one that is cut too tightly. Wide pant legs are great, or choose a breezy button down top with short or 3/4 length sleeves in place of a jacket.

What style is best? A full tuxedo may be a bit much for a Hawaii beach wedding, considering it may be heavy and hot. A single-breasted jacket with two buttons or a vest paired with a shirt and tie is ideal.

The bride shouldn’t be the only person in the wedding party to get all of the attention! By selecting the right suit, you’ll be the center of attention as well – especially the bride’s attention.

Planning a destination beach wedding in Hawaii? At Hawaii Weddings, we’re all about making your day perfect and creating beautiful, lasting memories.

Hawaii Destination Wedding? Foods To Enhance Bride’s Skin

November 6, 2015 by

hawaii destination wedding

Every bride-to-be wants to have luminous, glowing skin on the most important day of her life! If you’re planning a Hawaii destination wedding, it’s important to get your skin in tip-top shape well ahead of the wedding date. Exposure to sun, eating not-so-healthy foods, not getting enough rest or sleep – there are many things that can take their toll on your skin. We have included some information below about “super foods” that will help ensure you have a gorgeous, glowing complexion when the big day arrives.

Carrots contain a large amount of vitamin A, great for preventing the overproduction of cells in the outer layer of skin and clearing up breakouts.

Green tea, when hot, contains antioxidants known as catechins, proven to help in the prevention of skin cancer. Antioxidants are essential for healthy, youthful-looking skin.

Almonds are packed with vitamin E, an antioxidant that protects delicate skin cells from UV lights – and did you know that almonds aren’t actually a nut, but a seed?

Tomatoes, when cooked down release lycopene which works to eliminate free radicals caused by UV rays which age the skin.

Dark chocolate – and who doesn’t love chocolate – contain antioxidants that also protect against sun damage while reducing roughness of the skin.

Prickly pear is great when applied to the skin topically to shrink pores and keep your skin hydrated because it contains tocopherol (a form of vitamin E) and even more important, essential fatty acids. Omega-3s and Omega 6’s are the essentially fatty acids that hydrate the collagen below the skin’s surface, keeping it healthy, hydrated, and preventing huge pores. This relatively new “super food” can now be found in some facial products such as Abgur Organic Prickly Pear Seed Oil Cream.

Healthy, luminous skin is about more than what you put on your face; it’s also about what you put in your body. Prepare for your upcoming Hawaii beach or waterfall wedding by eating the right foods!

Need help with your Hawaii destination wedding? Trust Hawaii Weddings for the best packages, assistance with flowers, makeup, photography, and more! Our greatest desire is to make your wedding day the day you’ve always dreamed of.

Hawaii Destination Weddings – Wedding Inspiration Boards

September 12, 2015 by

hawaii destination weddings

Nothing is more romantic than Hawaii destination weddings; many couples choose to wed on the beach, near a waterfall, or in any of the other dozens of beautiful locations in our state. While you can choose a wedding package with most planners according to your desires and budget, you may also want to consider creating an inspiration board online, a place where you can keep all of your ideas, thoughts, and inspirations before your special day, and bring them to life.

There are many online inspiration boards where you can organize your ideas, whether you want to create a separate board for receptions ideas, honeymoon ideas, even ideas for creating your own invitations, wedding favors, flowers, and every other aspect of your wedding. Ultimately, the goal here is to have a place where you can actually bring your inspiration, thoughts, and creativity together, whether you find inspiration in wedding magazines, photos you find on the Internet, photos you take yourself of fabric, laces, crystals, and other “bling” or any other source of inspiration.

With all of the tools available today online, it’s fun to create your own inspiration board, filling it with everything that will make your wedding the event you dream of it being from wedding gowns, invitations, shoes, color swatches, fabrics, and other notions. A few of the places you can find inspiration for creating your own online inspiration board include Pinterest, The Knot, Wedding Wire, Modern Bride, and other magazines you come across either online, or in print.

Everything you need is available at your fingertips when you use an online board maker, most of which offer lots of photos, but also allow you to drag images saved on your computer to the board and resize them so they fit perfectly in a jiffy. With all of the useful tools and gorgeous images within your reach in seconds, why not create a board that will inspire you – and perhaps even others as you share on Pinterest, Facebook, or other social sites?

At Hawaii Weddings, we know you want your special day to be perfect. Months before your destination Hawaii wedding, create your own board and be inspired by all of the wonderful things you include! It’s also great fun, something you need in those stressful and anxious weeks and months prior to your wedding day.

Destination Hawaii Weddings – Planning Tips

September 4, 2015 by

destination hawaii weddings

Many brides (and grooms) dream of destination Hawaii weddings. However, planning a wedding in a far-away location can be difficult and stressful, especially if you have never visited Hawaii before. At Hawaii Weddings, we have a few basic strategies that will help you ensure your dream becomes a reality, without all of the stress and headache.

Do you want to join together with your significant other on Oahu, in Maui, or some other location? Are you dreaming of a beach or waterfall wedding, or getting married at sea? If you’ve never been to our magnificent state, the choices can be overwhelming. Go online and perform a little research so that you know which island is best in terms of the amenities you want. If you have vacationed in Hawaii in the past, you may be familiar with various resorts, beaches, hotels, and other potential venues. Thorough research is essential to having your dream wedding become a reality!

Hire a wedding planner if it’s within your budget. Let’s face it – planning a wedding that will be held thousands of miles away from home is a huge undertaking. You may not be satisfied after contacting the initial resort, or you may wonder about the costs involved in having 50 or 75 close friends and family members attend your wedding. Many today choose a wedding package with their own budget in mind, from the most basic and simple to extravagant. You can also add on certain amenities to basic packages, so that you enjoy the wedding you’ve dreamed on without breaking your bank account.

Think about your guests. If possible, pick your wedding date well in advance (about a year) so that guests can budget for the trip. It’s also a good idea to set up a website for your wedding so that guests can have easy access to all of the details including the venue, date, tips for booking flights and hotels to save money, and any information you may get on group rates, lodging options, rental cars, etc. Guests really appreciate your efforts in keeping them informed, and helping them save as much as possible.

When choosing a wedding package or planner in Hawaii, be sure your priorities are understood. It’s impossible to have a sunset wedding on the beach if a particular beach doesn’t face to the west! Find out where the sun sets in relation to your venue, and also keep in mind that some months are rainier than others on certain islands. Also be aware of the fact that you may have an unwanted guest or two at a beach wedding, as the majority of beaches in Hawaii are open to the public. Many brides and grooms don’t mind the extra attention; however, if you’re set on complete privacy, keep this in mind.

Sure, it may be easier to simply get married in the town you live in – but will you enjoy a romantic setting; the wedding of your dreams that you and your partner will remember forever? Hawaii is the ideal location for a romantic sunset, beach, or waterfall wedding – and you CAN live your dream, as long as you plan in advance and choose a company that can help simplify your life. Learn more about our wedding packages for your wedding!

Hawaii Destination Wedding in Your Future? Do’s and Don’ts

June 27, 2015 by

hawaii destination wedding

Whether yours will be a Hawaii beach or sunset wedding, a wedding at sea, or at Pukalani Falls Garden or the Queen Emma Summer Palace, there are a few things you will need to know about Hawaii prior to your arrival and the arrival of your guests. At Hawaii Weddings, we want to make your wedding day and your stay as memorable and pleasant as possible! We’ve compiled a list of a few “do’s and don’ts” you may want to keep in mind.


Slow down and enjoy Hawaii. Hawaii is a state that isn’t as rushed as many other states in the mainland, one that moves at a bit of a slower place. Take it easy and enjoy yourself!

Learn simple Hawaiian words such as ‘Mahalo’ (thank you) and ‘Aloha’ (hello or goodbye).

Book flights between the islands ahead of time. If you decide you want to go to another island to shop, dine, or for entertainment, it isn’t as simple as jumping on a plane. Book inter-island flights ahead of time, and you’ll also enjoy cheaper rates.

Rent a car ahead of time for good rates, and to ensure you have a way to get around the island. Rent your car in a travel package, or discuss it with your travel agent.

Have children attending the wedding? Find calm, ‘kid friendly’ beaches such as Kamaole Beach in Kihei or Baby Beach in Lahaina.

Participate in some of the culture and activities in Hawaii. If you’re in Oahu, visit the Iolani Palace or Bishop Museum. Consider a trip to the top of Mauna Kea, try Hawaii regional cuisine, go SNUBA diving (no certification required).


See a red flag? Don’t go in the water; strong undertows and high waves are extremely dangerous.

Plan your wedding around a holiday, as Hawaii is generally crowded during these times. If you must come on a holiday, try to book a flight on the actual holiday, rather than on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, as weekdays are the best for flying.

Assume that public transportation is available on all of the islands. While there is a bus you can take almost anywhere in Oahu, the neighboring islands do not always provide public transportation. To ensure you can go anywhere you like, rent a car.

Forget to apply sunscreen! The last thing you want is a painful sunburn on your wedding day, or to be forced to stay out of the sun because of a severe burn. Apply a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30, preferably 50. The Hawaii sun is much stronger than on the mainland, and you may find yourself with a bad burn in half the time or less you would normally burn.

Leave your golf clubs behind. If you’re a golf enthusiast, you’ll want to enjoy some of the beautiful championship golf courses around the islands.

Assume you’ll spend your time laying on the beach. There is so much to take in and enjoy in Hawaii, laying on the beach may be what you do least. Make the most of your time on our gorgeous islands!

Bring bad driving habits with you. While honking may be a normal, everyday occurrence in the mainland, it’s considered rude in Hawaii. However, during a wedding procession honking is not frowned upon.

At Hawaii Weddings, we want to help you make the most of your Hawaii destination wedding. If you’re getting married in our gorgeous state, take a look at the wonderful wedding packages we have to offer!