In Search of Hawaii Wedding Packages?

December 13, 2015 by

hawaii wedding packages

Whether your dream wedding is one on the beautiful beaches of Hawaii, at sunset, next to a breathtaking waterfall, or even a wedding at sea, we have a wide assortment of Hawaii wedding packages designed for every couple and budget.

At Hawaii Weddings, we understand not every couple has an unlimited budget or tens of thousands of dollars to spend. You have your future to think of, perhaps a home to buy, and other needs. Our wedding packages are priced affordably, and range from the most basic to the most extravagant. Here’s a taste of what we have to offer!

Priced at just over $300, our Barefoot Beach wedding package is ideal for those who just want a simple, fuss-free wedding without all the hoopla. This includes the ceremony, and two white orchid wedding leis.

At mid-range is our Sunset Package at Pirate’s Cove, priced at $1,573. This is the ideal package for those who desire plenty of photos on Oahu’s westerly facing North Shore, a bridal bouquet, photo album, digital files of the photos, a custom lei designed to match the bouquet, and more. This cost also covers the ceremony and permit fees, and travel fees for the crew. A highly popular package!

At the high end of the spectrum is our Treasure Chest Package at Pukalani Falls Garden & Angel’s Bay, still an amazing deal at just over $3,300. Wedding cake, photos with digital files and album, videography of the entire ceremony, hair/makeup for the bride, bridal bouquet, Hawaiian music – it’s all here! Ceremony and garden rental fees covered.

Of course we have other great packages as well at prices in between the ones mentioned above, depending on your budget and whether you want other amenities added to customize and tailor your wedding to your exact specifications.

At Hawaii Weddings, our wedding packages make “tying the knot” easy and less stressful for you. You make arrangements for transportation, lodging, and a reception if you choose, we handle the rest. Contact us today to learn more about our packages and a’la carte pricing.

Hawaii Weddings: Guest List Organizing Tips Eliminate Stress

October 10, 2015 by

hawaii weddings

You’re engaged to be married, and excited about joining with your soulmate for eternity. Once the initial excitement over getting engaged calms a bit, it’s time to start working on your “to-do” list for the wedding, especially if you don’t intend to wait for two years to get hitched! Top priority? Deciding who the guests will be.

This can be a lot more stressful than you might think. You want to invite a close cousin, but will you have to invite all of your other cousins? It can become complicated, to say the least. If you’re planning a Hawaii beach, waterfall, or sunset wedding, we have a few tips to help make creating the guest list easier.

Consider your budget. Not all couples have unlimited financial resources – in fact, few do. Before you send out the wedding invitations or Save-the-Date notices, discuss your budget limits. Once you know what your budget is, you can create your guest list around the type of reception venue and meal you’ll have.

Will it be an intimate event or grand occasion? How many people you invite will depend on whether you and your fiancé are dreaming of a grandiose ballroom wedding, or an intimate event on the beach. Some couples invite everyone they know including co-workers and friends from high school, while others prefer only close friends and family. Again, when deciding on how big or small your guest list will be, consider budget.

As the bride, you don’t have to be in control of the guest list. Creating the list is stressful. While it used to be the case that the bride and her family were in charge of this task, things have changed. As a couple, you and your fiancé should work on it together, especially if you’re considering a Hawaii destination wedding or other location where guests will need to travel a significant distance.

Wedding location. It’s easier to pare down your guest list to only your closest family and friends when you plan to have a destination wedding. For many couples, exchanging their vows on the beach surrounded by only the closest friends and family members is a dream come true. This also cuts down on the time you’ll spend developing your guest list, and makes it possible for you to spend time with the guests you do invite, as you won’t be tied down socializing with guests you perhaps haven’t even seen for years. A great way to save time creating your guest list, while staying within budget!

At Hawaii Weddings, we know that a wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion, one you want to be perfect. These tips will help eliminate some of the stress of organizing a guest list, while saving you money so that you can enjoy life as newlyweds without facing financial hardship. If you’re dreaming of a Hawaii beach wedding, give us a call today!

Destination Weddings in Hawaii for Same-sex Couples

September 28, 2015 by

destination weddings in hawaii

Gay marriage has been a hot topic of debate around the U.S. for several years now. At Hawaii Weddings, we’re happy to say that while same-sex marriages are legal in all 50 states now, Hawaii was one of the original few to legalize weddings between gay partners when the bill was signed into law in November of 2013.

While marriage has traditionally been between a man and woman up until the last few years, much of society has come to accept the fact that many couples who are deeply in love and want to share their lives “until death do us part” are of the same gender. The Supreme Court ruled in June of this year that same-sex marriage is legal in all 50 states, quite a victory for men and women who are life partners with someone of their same gender!

Just as any traditional couple would, same-sex couples desire a fabulous wedding and have all of the same decisions to makes, such as where to tie the knot, which guests to invite, theme, what to serve at the reception, etc. If your dream is to marry your partner on the beach at sunrise or sunset, under a waterfall, or in an elegant garden setting, we are a destination weddings provider specializing in making your special day one you will never forget!

We offer a wide array of Hawaii wedding packages for every budget, and make it possible for you to customize your ceremony by adding on a’la carte items such as limousine service, music, flowers and leis, videography, and other services if you wish to add one or more of these to a basic wedding package.

Weddings at sea, beautiful ceremonies at Queen Emma Summer Palace, a Pukalani Falls Garden ceremony – we offer the best Hawaii wedding locations you will find! At Hawaii Weddings, our destination weddings in Hawaii are designed for ALL who are deeply in love and want to make a life commitment, including same-sex couples.

Considering an Adults-Only Hawaii Wedding? Inform Guests

September 20, 2015 by

hawaii wedding

Whether you’re having a beach or waterfall wedding in Hawaii or tying the knot onboard a boat or any other venue, many couples choose not to invite children – but how do you accomplish a child-free wedding without stepping on any toes? As Hawaii destination wedding professionals, we have a few ideas we think you’ll appreciate.

What you want to avoid. Never put “adults only” on wedding invitations! Kids are a sensitive subject, understandably. You don’t want to hurt friends’ and family members’ feelings by putting “adults only” on invitations, however you can take a more subtle approach by having your co-workers, friends, and family spread the word that you’re planning an adults-only affair so that those who intend to come to your wedding and reception will have ample time to get a babysitter.

Make sure you address the wedding invitation to only those who are invited. Some guests naturally assume the entire family is invited to the wedding – and putting “adults only” on the invitation may be insulting, or hurt feelings of close friends or family members. Address invitations to exactly those who are invited, and include their names on the response cards. Include only the names of those invited on the “will” or “will not attend” check boxes. In approaching your invitations this way, you make it clear who is invited so all your invitees have to do is check the box.

Don’t include “special” children in the wedding ceremony if kids are included in your wedding party. You may be including a small child who is a ring-bearer or who will scatter flowers down the isle, but this doesn’t mean you have to include children at the ceremony. What you really want to avoid is inviting certain close friends’ or family members’ children, as this won’t appear fair to others who attend your wedding. It will look as though you’re partial to certain people’s children.

Expect some unhappy feedback. Some family members won’t be happy that you haven’t included nieces, nephews, or young cousins to attend, however it IS your wedding. Stand firm on your decision to have an adults-only wedding, and don’t back down. You can explain to those who may be offended that children aren’t invited due to budget limits, or for any reason you choose.

Your wedding is YOUR special day, one that should be exactly as you prefer. Some may be offended, but most will not. Hopefully the suggestions above will help you enjoy an adults-only Hawaii wedding that is just as you envisioned, a day you and your spouse will remember fondly for the rest of your lives.

Hawaii Destination Weddings – Wedding Inspiration Boards

September 12, 2015 by

hawaii destination weddings

Nothing is more romantic than Hawaii destination weddings; many couples choose to wed on the beach, near a waterfall, or in any of the other dozens of beautiful locations in our state. While you can choose a wedding package with most planners according to your desires and budget, you may also want to consider creating an inspiration board online, a place where you can keep all of your ideas, thoughts, and inspirations before your special day, and bring them to life.

There are many online inspiration boards where you can organize your ideas, whether you want to create a separate board for receptions ideas, honeymoon ideas, even ideas for creating your own invitations, wedding favors, flowers, and every other aspect of your wedding. Ultimately, the goal here is to have a place where you can actually bring your inspiration, thoughts, and creativity together, whether you find inspiration in wedding magazines, photos you find on the Internet, photos you take yourself of fabric, laces, crystals, and other “bling” or any other source of inspiration.

With all of the tools available today online, it’s fun to create your own inspiration board, filling it with everything that will make your wedding the event you dream of it being from wedding gowns, invitations, shoes, color swatches, fabrics, and other notions. A few of the places you can find inspiration for creating your own online inspiration board include Pinterest, The Knot, Wedding Wire, Modern Bride, and other magazines you come across either online, or in print.

Everything you need is available at your fingertips when you use an online board maker, most of which offer lots of photos, but also allow you to drag images saved on your computer to the board and resize them so they fit perfectly in a jiffy. With all of the useful tools and gorgeous images within your reach in seconds, why not create a board that will inspire you – and perhaps even others as you share on Pinterest, Facebook, or other social sites?

At Hawaii Weddings, we know you want your special day to be perfect. Months before your destination Hawaii wedding, create your own board and be inspired by all of the wonderful things you include! It’s also great fun, something you need in those stressful and anxious weeks and months prior to your wedding day.

Hawaii Wedding? Consider Queen Emma Summer Palace

August 10, 2015 by

hawaii wedding

At Hawaii Weddings, we offer many wedding packages for those who desire to tie the knot with their significant other in Oahu. One of our packages is the Queen Emma Summer Palace package, one that those who want to thoroughly enjoy the island beauty and historical charm will fall in love with.

Listed on the National Register of Historic Sites, Queen Emma Summer Palace is where Queen Emma Kaleleonalani Rooke and her husband and son, Hawaii’s royal family, retreated to in summer months for nearly 30 years (from 1857 to 1885). One thing you can be sure of; a wedding at this magnificent location will be unforgettable not only to you as a couple, but for all of your guests as well. Located in lush Nu’uanu Valley, the wedding couple and all guests will relish in the charming setting and quaint ambiance, as the Palace offers outdoor and semi-outdoor options for those who want to join lives and hearts amidst the lush tropical greens of Nu’uanu Park.

For couples seeking a vintage outdoor ceremony or who want to marry in an historic location such as a garden that is also well-known as a museum and private estate, Queen Emma Summer Palace is the ideal venue. Guests are welcome to tour the palace; sip cocktails and enjoy an island wedding that is the most romantic of all locations on Oahu. With its colonial-style pillars and charming green shutters, Queen Emma Summer Palace is the perfect wedding venue for couples who desire more than anything else, a setting that is truly romantic and offers old-style charm.

Considering the exceptional photo opportunities, tropical gardens, and incredible views of our beautiful island, this is the perfect Hawaii wedding package for couples who are truly romantics at heart. At Hawaii Weddings, we offer a wide array of wedding packages for every budget! Contact us today, and make your wedding dreams come true.

Tips for Selecting the Ideal Hawaii Wedding Package

June 17, 2015 by

hawaii wedding package

The Hawaii weddings industry is one that offers plenty of choices for couples who dream of getting married in our beautiful state! A wedding is a very special affair, something you hopefully do only once in your life. However, many young couples are worried they cannot afford the wedding of their dreams. The fact is, because it is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion, you should make it as special and memorable as possible.

At Hawaii Weddings, we offer a wide array of wedding packages from simple to extravagant. Here are a few tips for choosing the one that is right for you – and keep in mind, you also have the choice of customizing your dream wedding!

Cost. Some packages cost far less than others, however the lower the cost, the fewer the amenities and services. If all you want is a simple ceremony in which the two of you say “I do,” a basic Hawaii wedding package may be perfect. However, keep in mind this is something you plan to do only once, so you want to make sure the package you purchase leaves you stress-free and anticipating the most exciting, memorable day of your life. It may cost a bit more, but it’s your wedding – and isn’t it worth it?

Location. Where you choose to “tie the knot” is key; it sets the mood for your entire wedding. Every location offers a unique experience, and Hawaii unquestionably has some of the most exquisite locations for couples with a vision that runs outside of the traditional wedding. When you choose one of our wedding packages, you are also choosing experts with enormous experience in the industry – and who live and breathe Hawaii. Some of our settings include:

  • Angels Bay Beach (Waimanalo Beach) named Best Beach in the U.S. for 2015
  • Pukalani Falls Garden – a true storybook wedding location with koi ponds, tropical botanicals, and a private garden surrounded by waterfalls
  • Queen Emma Summer Palace – a charming estate surrounded by lush greenery, tropical gardens, and featuring an outdoor wedding terrace
  • Pirate’s Cove on Oahu’s North Shore, ideal for an intimate sunset wedding
  • Sunset Cruise Wedding upon a sailboat, departing from Honolulu’s Sand Island

Photography. Certainly your cousin Billy could come along to take photos with his digital camera, but who better to capture the moment than professional photographers who are experts in capturing the true essence of the moment, the water, beaches, tropical gardens, waterfalls, and more? When a professional handles the photography at your wedding, a picture truly is worth a thousand words.

At Hawaii Weddings, our wedding packages can be customized with any of the services and amenities offered a’la carte. Choose the package right for you, but also keep in mind this is a one-time event, one you’ll want to make as special and precious as possible!

Oahu Waterfall Wedding – What NOT to Say to the Bride

May 13, 2015 by

oahu waterfall wedding

At Hawaii Weddings, we know there are some things you simply never say to a bride on her wedding day, regardless of whether you are her best friend or a close family member. If you are attending a wedding, we have a few suggestions on topics you should avoid on the bride’s wedding day, the biggest, most memorable day of her life!

Did someone help you write your vows? I can’t believe you could do it yourself. This is rude, and really no one’s business but the bride and groom. Perhaps the officiant performing the ceremony helped, or she took a quote from a romantic novel – or she may have truly written the vows herself. Don’t ask!

I thought this day would never come. Even if you genuinely thought the couple would NEVER get married, here they are, preparing to say their vows to one another and become one. Maybe you did think the bride would never settle down, or that she wasn’t marriage material. Keep your opinion to yourself, it will only hurt the bride – and it’s a guarantee she will remember what you said.

When do you plan to have children? Will you be buying a house soon? For the moment, the bride wants to focus solely on the most important day of her life – her wedding day. Don’t ask questions about the future, let her enjoy her “in the now” moment. This is a day she wants to stretch out for as long as possible, the happiest day of her life.

Making bets, even jokingly, about whether the marriage will last is a huge no-no. Just don’t go there.

How could you afford an Oahu waterfall wedding? Asking the bride (or groom) who paid for the wedding, whether they paid for it themselves, or who else may have chipped in is simply rude. Instead, compliment them on how beautiful the wedding is, and the great job they did planning all of the details.

These are a few of the areas you should avoid on the bride’s wedding day. Also, try not to complain about the seating or who you’re sitting next to, or talk about what you did at your own wedding. This is HER day, not yours. The attention should be on the bride, so don’t make comments that puts attention somewhere else.

At Hawaii Weddings, we make Oahu waterfall weddings possible for couples who desire a simple, intimate wedding, a lavish wedding with all of the amenities, and everything in between. Keep the tips above in mind, and help the bride enjoy a day filled with friends, family, love, and romance.

Oahu Beach Wedding? Things to Do On Your Wedding Day

May 4, 2015 by

oahu beach wedding

Whether your dream Hawaii wedding is on a beach or near a waterfall, if you’re not familiar with Oahu you may be curious as to what there is to do on the island. It may be just you and your new spouse, a few close friends, or your entire family. Regardless of how big your wedding is, there is no shortage of things to do on Oahu, which boasts not only a beautiful coastline and green valleys but romantic waterfalls and much more.

A few ideas of how to spend the time following your Oahu beach wedding include a sunset cruise, horseback riding, swimming with dolphins, or even a helicopter tour.

A sunset cruise is ideal if you’re Hawaii wedding will be a private affair. Sail along the Oahu coastline on a romantic 90-minute cruise on a catamaran, including drinks to celebrate your new life as a couple. Or, if your wedding is a larger affair that includes friends and family, consider a cruise that provides accommodations including a nice dinner and champagne, accompanied by live entertainment.

Love horseback riding? Why not enjoy a romantic trail ride along the beach before taking in the magnificent Hawaiian sunset? Another option is to ride through the countryside as you enjoy the beautiful forests, mountains, and amazing views of the ocean.

Oahu offers you and your new husband/wife some amazing opportunities to swim with dolphins, whether you choose the 26,000 foot lagoon at Kahala Hotel & Resort or Sea Life Park Hawaii. Kayak, play with the dolphins or ride on their bellies or dorsal fins, and participate in a photo session that will provide you with pictures that will bring back wonderful memories decades from now.

Rather experience Oahu from above? Many newly wedded couples enjoy a helicopter tour that makes it possible to enjoy the waterfalls, rain forests, Turtle Bay, picturesque Keehi Lagoon, and Diamond Head, Hawaii’s extinct volcano. If you marry during winter months, Turtle Bay is where you can experience humpback whales.

Of course, you can always just lay on the beach and relax, or enjoy Oahu’s lively nightlife scene. Whatever you choose, you’re sure to have a great time following your wedding.

Interested in learning more about available wedding packages on Oahu? Contact Hawaii Weddings today for a wedding that is truly memorable, romantic, and unique.

Hawaii Weddings – Gift Ideas for Groom To Give The Bride

March 28, 2015 by

hawaii weddings

Getting married in Hawaii is the dream of many brides, who desire romantic, tropical surroundings. As one of Hawaii’s premier destination wedding providers, we understand that the groom often has trouble coming up with ideas for the perfect wedding day gift for the bride. Below we have a few ideas we think many of you grooms will find useful.

Jewelry that goes with everything. From a pair of diamond stud earrings to a slim gold/silver bracelet, every woman loves jewelry. A little bling can help finish off your bride’s wedding day ensemble, or be worn with something as casual as shorts and a t-shirt when you’re cruising around the islands after the wedding. Think about her style preferences – you don’t want to give anything too extravagant if she prefers simple and classic.

Monogrammed PJ’s or robe. Every new bride is proud of her new initials. For her dream Hawaii wedding day, consider a monogrammed robe, pajamas, or even bath towels or sheets.

How about a family heirloom? There is no better way to make your new bride truly feel a part of your family than to give a gift that has been treasured in your family for years, whether a brooch your grandmother cherished, or a ring passed down for generations. If you don’t have any heirlooms, a locket with a photo of the two of you inside is sweet and touching.

A simple note. Sometimes, it’s the things that are free or that you made yourself that are the most special. Write her a note to open up and read the morning of the wedding, telling her how much you love her, what makes her special, how you look forward to spending the rest of your life with her, etc. This personal note will be a keepsake she will have as the two of you grow old together!

Whether it’s framed tickets of a show the two of you went to see together, or elegant champagne glasses the two of you can use to toast at your wedding, your bride will love anything you give her on your wedding day – as long as it’s from the heart.

If your dream is a beach or waterfall wedding in Maui or Oahu, rely on Hawaii Weddings to make your day the one you’ve always dreamed of!