In Search of Hawaii Wedding Packages?

December 13, 2015 by

hawaii wedding packages

Whether your dream wedding is one on the beautiful beaches of Hawaii, at sunset, next to a breathtaking waterfall, or even a wedding at sea, we have a wide assortment of Hawaii wedding packages designed for every couple and budget.

At Hawaii Weddings, we understand not every couple has an unlimited budget or tens of thousands of dollars to spend. You have your future to think of, perhaps a home to buy, and other needs. Our wedding packages are priced affordably, and range from the most basic to the most extravagant. Here’s a taste of what we have to offer!

Priced at just over $300, our Barefoot Beach wedding package is ideal for those who just want a simple, fuss-free wedding without all the hoopla. This includes the ceremony, and two white orchid wedding leis.

At mid-range is our Sunset Package at Pirate’s Cove, priced at $1,573. This is the ideal package for those who desire plenty of photos on Oahu’s westerly facing North Shore, a bridal bouquet, photo album, digital files of the photos, a custom lei designed to match the bouquet, and more. This cost also covers the ceremony and permit fees, and travel fees for the crew. A highly popular package!

At the high end of the spectrum is our Treasure Chest Package at Pukalani Falls Garden & Angel’s Bay, still an amazing deal at just over $3,300. Wedding cake, photos with digital files and album, videography of the entire ceremony, hair/makeup for the bride, bridal bouquet, Hawaiian music – it’s all here! Ceremony and garden rental fees covered.

Of course we have other great packages as well at prices in between the ones mentioned above, depending on your budget and whether you want other amenities added to customize and tailor your wedding to your exact specifications.

At Hawaii Weddings, our wedding packages make “tying the knot” easy and less stressful for you. You make arrangements for transportation, lodging, and a reception if you choose, we handle the rest. Contact us today to learn more about our packages and a’la carte pricing.

Tips for Selecting the Ideal Hawaii Wedding Package

June 17, 2015 by

hawaii wedding package

The Hawaii weddings industry is one that offers plenty of choices for couples who dream of getting married in our beautiful state! A wedding is a very special affair, something you hopefully do only once in your life. However, many young couples are worried they cannot afford the wedding of their dreams. The fact is, because it is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion, you should make it as special and memorable as possible.

At Hawaii Weddings, we offer a wide array of wedding packages from simple to extravagant. Here are a few tips for choosing the one that is right for you – and keep in mind, you also have the choice of customizing your dream wedding!

Cost. Some packages cost far less than others, however the lower the cost, the fewer the amenities and services. If all you want is a simple ceremony in which the two of you say “I do,” a basic Hawaii wedding package may be perfect. However, keep in mind this is something you plan to do only once, so you want to make sure the package you purchase leaves you stress-free and anticipating the most exciting, memorable day of your life. It may cost a bit more, but it’s your wedding – and isn’t it worth it?

Location. Where you choose to “tie the knot” is key; it sets the mood for your entire wedding. Every location offers a unique experience, and Hawaii unquestionably has some of the most exquisite locations for couples with a vision that runs outside of the traditional wedding. When you choose one of our wedding packages, you are also choosing experts with enormous experience in the industry – and who live and breathe Hawaii. Some of our settings include:

  • Angels Bay Beach (Waimanalo Beach) named Best Beach in the U.S. for 2015
  • Pukalani Falls Garden – a true storybook wedding location with koi ponds, tropical botanicals, and a private garden surrounded by waterfalls
  • Queen Emma Summer Palace – a charming estate surrounded by lush greenery, tropical gardens, and featuring an outdoor wedding terrace
  • Pirate’s Cove on Oahu’s North Shore, ideal for an intimate sunset wedding
  • Sunset Cruise Wedding upon a sailboat, departing from Honolulu’s Sand Island

Photography. Certainly your cousin Billy could come along to take photos with his digital camera, but who better to capture the moment than professional photographers who are experts in capturing the true essence of the moment, the water, beaches, tropical gardens, waterfalls, and more? When a professional handles the photography at your wedding, a picture truly is worth a thousand words.

At Hawaii Weddings, our wedding packages can be customized with any of the services and amenities offered a’la carte. Choose the package right for you, but also keep in mind this is a one-time event, one you’ll want to make as special and precious as possible!

Oahu Waterfall Wedding – What NOT to Say to the Bride

May 13, 2015 by

oahu waterfall wedding

At Hawaii Weddings, we know there are some things you simply never say to a bride on her wedding day, regardless of whether you are her best friend or a close family member. If you are attending a wedding, we have a few suggestions on topics you should avoid on the bride’s wedding day, the biggest, most memorable day of her life!

Did someone help you write your vows? I can’t believe you could do it yourself. This is rude, and really no one’s business but the bride and groom. Perhaps the officiant performing the ceremony helped, or she took a quote from a romantic novel – or she may have truly written the vows herself. Don’t ask!

I thought this day would never come. Even if you genuinely thought the couple would NEVER get married, here they are, preparing to say their vows to one another and become one. Maybe you did think the bride would never settle down, or that she wasn’t marriage material. Keep your opinion to yourself, it will only hurt the bride – and it’s a guarantee she will remember what you said.

When do you plan to have children? Will you be buying a house soon? For the moment, the bride wants to focus solely on the most important day of her life – her wedding day. Don’t ask questions about the future, let her enjoy her “in the now” moment. This is a day she wants to stretch out for as long as possible, the happiest day of her life.

Making bets, even jokingly, about whether the marriage will last is a huge no-no. Just don’t go there.

How could you afford an Oahu waterfall wedding? Asking the bride (or groom) who paid for the wedding, whether they paid for it themselves, or who else may have chipped in is simply rude. Instead, compliment them on how beautiful the wedding is, and the great job they did planning all of the details.

These are a few of the areas you should avoid on the bride’s wedding day. Also, try not to complain about the seating or who you’re sitting next to, or talk about what you did at your own wedding. This is HER day, not yours. The attention should be on the bride, so don’t make comments that puts attention somewhere else.

At Hawaii Weddings, we make Oahu waterfall weddings possible for couples who desire a simple, intimate wedding, a lavish wedding with all of the amenities, and everything in between. Keep the tips above in mind, and help the bride enjoy a day filled with friends, family, love, and romance.

Hawaii Wedding Packages – Your Affordable Dream Wedding

April 27, 2015 by

hawaii wedding packages

At Hawaii Weddings, we understand that many couples simply do not have a “bottomless” budget, and that cost is a big concern. You dream of a beach or waterfall wedding, or even a sunset wedding. Whether your desire is to become one with your significant other at Pukalani Falls Garden, Queen Emma Summer Palace, or any of the many beaches in Oahu or Maui, we make it affordable to relish in the most important day of your life – your wedding day!

From a few hundred dollars to a few thousand, our Hawaii wedding packages are as diverse as the couples we bring together. For instance, if you’re the type who prefers a no-fuss, simple wedding you may enjoy our barefoot beach wedding. Many couples simply want to stand barefoot on the beach and say “I do.” We offer this option, and many others. We understand that when you’re setting up house and have a honeymoon to plan, budgeting wisely is important.

Our Sunset Package at Pirates Grove is within most couples’ budgets, and includes a photo package including 30 poses, a photo album, and digital files along with a beautiful bouquet for the bride, photo touch ups, custom lei design, ceremony and permit fees, and more. You will enjoy photos and filming performed under a variety of lighting conditions, so that your wedding photos are perfect. It’s also important to note that each of our wedding packages can be customized to your needs, which can help you save money.

We also offer a’la carte pricing, so you can mix and match our services to your needs!

Getting “hitched” in Hawaii doesn’t have to cost a fortune, and you don’t have to give up on your dream because of budget constraints. At Hawaii Weddings, we invite you to browse our website or give us a call to learn how you can indulge in a romantic, memorable beach, waterfall, or sunset wedding in Oahu or Maui without breaking the bank.