Cathy & Crescent – West Sacramento, CA – Hawaii Wedding

“Our Sunrise Beach Wedding was a dream.” Cathy & Crescent September 10th, 2014

Dear Captain Howie,


I started looking for Hawaii wedding venues two years ago, but from the moment I found your website and spoke with you directly I knew no one else would do.   It took two years, but we finally had our Pukalani Falls/Angels Bay wedding! From the moment we saw you at 4:00 a.m. waiting for us in front of the Hobbit House, your sarong blowing gently in the breeze, it was amazing! Our sunrise wedding was a dream.


The best decision we made was opting for the Treasure Chest Package – every single detail was taken care of just beautifully! I had read many rave reviews about Wade’s hair and makeup, and it is all true. He not only did an incredible job, he was sweet and kind and interesting and I loved him!


All of the flowers featured on the website are pretty and I was having the hardest time deciding. Thank you, Sara, for your suggestion of a short cascading bouquet with white orchids, purple orchids and yellow plumerias. It was absolutely gorgeous! Ordering the matching haku was perfect. I loved it so much I wore it for two more days on our honeymoon! Cres really liked his Cooke Isle Maile lei… very elegant. It dried beautifully and we brought it home!


Captain Howie, you say in your video that the cakes are delicious and I am sorry but that is just an understatement. We ordered the lilikoi and it was the best cake we have ever had! We enjoyed it during our honeymoon and still had enough left to pack up and bring home. I would say to everyone “don’t miss out on the cake!”


We had been to the beach at Waimanalo/Angels Bay previously, and it is breathtaking. Our wedding-day sunrise on the beach was every bit as awesome as we had hoped it would be, but we also appreciated knowing that you had a contingency plan in case of rain! And Pukalani Falls? The grounds were more incredible than we had imagined. Our waterfall and garden photos are stunning! We opted for reciting our vows on the beach and that was great, but in hindsight having the ceremony at the incredible Pukalani Falls would have been a bit more private and quiet. We would have also had our beach photos, of course, but would have been better able to hear the music of the wonderful guitarist we added to our package! Still, deciding between Hawaiian guitar music and the sounds of the surf is a pretty tough choice


The highlights video is a gem. We love it, our family loved it, and it will bring us joy for years and years to come! Thank you Fernando and Marty for the photo and video magic. It is no small thing to have the copyright release included with your package. Many photographers and most of the wedding venues in Las Vegas, for example, charge extra for the release and/or you have to buy your photos through them. With the release you provided I was able to go to my favorite camera shop and order quality prints in whatever size and quantity I wanted!


Finally, Sara and Jodi were just beyond wonderful to work with. When we finally met them in person it was like being with family! We also enjoyed your lovely wife Deva, the parrots, and the cats. And to you, Captain Howie, we offer our extra special thanks for the words and thoughts you offered during our wedding ceremony, as well as those you shared at our goodbye. You were worth the wait and we will never forget you.


For all the joy you bring to others, we wish all of you at Above Heaven’s Gate continued health and happiness all the days of your lives.



Crescent and Cathy Cavanaugh

Married September 10th 2014