Kathy & Vince Rodriguez – San Gabriel, California – Wedding Company in Hawaii

Kathy and Vince look on as Captain Howie blows the Hawaiian conch at their wedding in Hawaii… June 28th 2011

Posted on Facebook in May 2104… though married June 28th 2011

Hawaii Weddings is a unique wedding company in Hawaii. Calling and talking to Captain Howie, prior to our wedding, was great! We interviewed him and he interviewed us! Cap’n Howie and his team did all the work and made us feel so relaxed with the planning of our Hawaii destination wedding! Not knowing anything about the location, just reading reviews and looking at pictures, made me nervous; however, we were constantly reassured by the wonderful team at Hawaii Weddings! Having a wonderful young man, Wade, do my hair and makeup was so wonderful! Everything came out perfect! The location was perfect! The photographer was awesome and the beach was gorgeous! WOW! We have now been married three years and we are looking forward to returning to the place where we got married! Like Cap’n Howie says, he is not for everyone and everyone may not be for him! Let me say that he was definitely for us! Thank you once again from the both of us!

Kathy & Vince Rodriguez

Married June 28th 2011