Melissa and Michael Platt • Baltimore, Maryland • Honolulu Wedding

Melissa and Bob enjoying the sunrise at Angels Bay.

Dear Captain Howie and Staff,

Sorry it took a little time to extend my gratitude to you and your wonderful staff.  I will say you have the most wonderful sanctuary and providing a service to couples alike to share in one of the most memorable moments in one’s life.  When I found your website, I scoured through every link, every photo to find the “gotcha” tag but there was none.  Your honesty and simplicity was a great find, as many other wedding services entailed so many moving parts.  From the first call to arriving on our wedding day, you and your staff have been ready to answer questions, phone calls, and emails.  A special “Thank you” to Jodi and Sarah for making the planning process of a Hawaiian wedding a reality and stress free.

Now for the Hawaiian wedding day, I could not thank you, Wade and your wonderful photographer enough!  Each one of you had a special impact on us that day.  Wade to making me feel at ease with our conversations about our love of food  to how beautiful he made me look and feel.  When I had no plan, he got right down to business and produced a masterpiece.  I never felt so beautiful in my entire life.  To the photographer for making us feel like supermodels and letting us sneak a peek at a few of the shots. This man knows his craft!  Lastly, to Capt. Howie, for taking the time to get to know us and delivering such an amazing heart felt ceremony. You hit the nail right on the head with every word, you even got the groom a little teary eyed!

The falls, the Hobbit house and Angel bay cannot be compared and provided the most romantic, peaceful and serine setting any bride could hope for.  I could not imagine getting married anywhere else.  Mahalo for the wonderful memories!

Melissa and Michael Platt
Married June 13, 2014