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Captain Howie’s Hawaii Weddings can provide you with venues that are absolutely off-the-chart. Many famous celebrities have carefully selected Capt. Howie to perform their dream weddings in Hawaii. For example, Capt. Howie’s private Hawaii storybook location, Pukalani Falls Garden with the exotic Hawaii Hobbit House, is totally out of this world. In fact, the world famous “Home and Garden Network” flew to Hawaii to feature Capt. Howie’s amazing place in paradise. What’s more, it’s barely a 2-minute stroll to the pristine golden sand beach at Angels Bay, voted the most beautiful beach in all of America. If you are researching Hawaii weddings, you need not look any further. However, Captain Howie respectfully claims… his Hawaii weddings are not for Everyone.

We are offering a special beach wedding package for $145.

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Captain Howie’s Hawaiian wedding ceremonies are not at all “traditional”. Rather they are very personalized and spiritually inspired. For example Capt. Howie’ Hawaii weddings do not like to include, “til death due you part” in his Hawaii weddings. He explains that love is eternal and does not end if a dear one leaves this world. The soul is certainly eternal. To the contrary, loving relationships often strengthen at that time. Nonetheless, because love is unlimited and never jealous, new loving relations will continue to come into being.

Another bit of Hawaii wedding tradition Capt. Howie does not like is the use of “obey”. He explains that everything about love is totally voluntary- which makes it so incredibly sweet.. Capt. Howie takes great pride in being a product of the 60’s counter-culture, the psychedelic revolution and even a veteran of the original Woodstock Festival in 1969. After graduating college in 1970 with degrees in Psychology, Zoology, and with one foot in the door of medical school, he chose to take a hard left turn and dedicate his life fully to spiritual pursuits.

After living and studying in various monasteries and ashrams for many years, and becoming an ordained priest, Capt. Howie felt a calling to dedicate himself to performing very meaningful and spiritual weddings in Hawaii. So now over four decades later, he’s still performing and offering amazing all inclusive Hawaii wedding packages… and loving it! Captain Howie welcomes any couple considering a wedding in Hawaii to give him a call and have a personal chat. In this way you’ll see if the “chemistry” is there. For this reason he likes his couples to have his direct telephone number (808) 225-2425.

Pukalani Falls Garden
Capt. Howie’s Hobbit House

Pukalani Falls Hawaii Wedding Garden is the ultimate fairytale location for weddings in Hawaii. In Hawaiian, Pukalani means “Gateway to Heaven”. It is said that a picture speaks a thousand words. So let the photos and videos speak for themselves. In our Hawaii Wedding Location Gallery, check out Pukalani Falls Hawaii Wedding Garden. This magnificent falls is surrounded by numerous varieties of Hawaii tropical fruit trees, exotic flowers, palms, bamboos and other Hawaiian plants. It is truly a tropical wonderland for Hawaii weddings. For example there are bananas, papayas, guavas, Hawaii mangos, coconuts, orchids, passion fruit… and the list of Hawaii delicacies goes on. Pukalani Falls Hawaii Wedding Garden is literally a bride and groom’s “Dream Come True”.

Angels Bay Beach

Voted Most Beautiful Beach in America

If you are contemplating a Hawaii beach wedding, Angels Bay is definitely the place. Angels Bay, also know as Waimanalo Bay, was recently voted “Best Beach in all of America” by Department of Earth & Environment, Florida International University. What to speak of Hawaii, you will not find a more beautiful beach anywhere on the planet. The sand is the color of golden sugar, and very soft to the touch of your bare feet. The ocean is bright turquoise, punctuated with alluring offshore Hawaii islands that are sanctuaries for exotic sea birds and Hawaiian monk seals. Steep mountain cliffs drop right out of the sky to kiss the sandy Hawaii beaches. Balmy Hawaii tradewinds fan your bodies as the ocean surf sings to you sweetly. Many TV shows and movies were shot at Angels Bay including Lost and Hawaii Five O… too many to mention.