Capt. Howie speaks about Sunset Weddings in Hawaii

Photos of Hawaii Sunset Weddings

Hawaii Sunset Wedding

Hawaii sunset weddings are famous worldwide. One good reason is, our Hawaiian skies are virtually pollution free. Capt. Howie’s “pick location” for a Hawaii Sunset Wedding is the dramatic Pirates Cove on Oahu’s north-western shore. Pirates Cove is a secluded and pristine tropical bay with a beautiful white sandy beach, punctuated with waves crashing dramatically into mammoth lava rock formations. We like to start our photo sessions about 1 ½ hours before sunset. This gives us ample time to capture many breathtaking daytime photographs with the rich colors of our deep blue ocean and powdery blue sky. The second half of our photo session takes place at sunset when the spectacular change of colors and mood occurs. In this way we get incredible variety in our photographs.

Hawaii Sunset Wedding Poses

Typically, we perform our Hawaii sunset wedding ceremonies before the actual setting of the sun. This allows us to get the most artistic photographs of our couples interacting with the brilliant orange Hawaiian sun when it begins going to sleep and dropping gracefully into our majestic ocean. A few examples of such spectacular shots would be:

  • A kissing silhouette, shot directly into the setting sun.
  • Our couple toasting their glasses to each other with the setting orange sun in the background.
  • Shooting our couple from the back, as they hold hands watching the Hawaiian sun drop elegantly into t