You can select a package below exactly as it is, or you can add or subtract to customize it as you wish. Our packages are meant to get your creative juices flowing. With that said, our Hawaiian Queen Package, at the very bottom, is our most popular. Check out our A’ la Carte pricing for a complete list of all our prices and services.

Note: All of our packages can be customized to meet your special needs. Just call Capt. Howie.​

Simple “Hang Loose” Package $330

Simple “Hang Loose” Package includes the following:

“Hawaiian Surf” Package $799

“Hawaiian Surf” Package includes the following:

“Hawaiian Princess” Package $1279

“Hawaiian Princess” Package included is the following:

“Hula Girl” Package $2228

“Hula Girl” Package included is the following:

“Hawaiian Queen Package” $2788

“Hawaiian Queen Package” included is the following: